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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to vote in "Weird! Isn't Working" essay contest

We knew the theme "Weird! Isn't Working," and the new bumper sticker with the same message, would strike a chord with our readers. We have no fewer than 16 entries in our essay contest, in which the top two vote-getters will get free stickers mailed out to them tomorrow.

Readers, if you haven't read all the entries, here they are: We've got 13 here and another 3 here. Al M. left a comment in each batch, but his first one is short enough for Twitter, and so only his second comment is in the running.

Once you've taken a look at all the comments (or not), cast your vote for your one favorite here. We'll close off the voting at midnight tonight and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Good luck, contestants!

Who left the best comment on the theme "Weird! Isn't Working"?
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Comments (6)


As I write this, the time is June 8, 5:22 am (I currently have no votes and point this out to prove I am not trying to rig the system).

Can I have my public union friends down at the phone bank start calling this early?

"Being busy doesn't mean you're working."

I found Gannicots essay the most eloquent but I just have to go with gaye harris, and her hilarious description of Portland Weird that included the 5th grades class at Glencoe Grade Schools 2002 wall mural. There is no weird like Southeast Portland Weird.

If I win, I'm giving mine to a very good friend who is proud to be a fourth-generation Portlander. He's more tired of the idiocy than I am.

I was kidding!

Jack, I think you're onto something really interesting here. Please consider doing this for other topics, either for humor's sake or for "seriousness's" sake.

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