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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Throw away the key

How outraged does this guy make you? We find his case particularly appealing for extreme punishment.

It's interesting that he reportedly made it to the front porch before the homeowner stabbed him. That may make the stabbing less than justified from a legal standpoint. But no jury in the world is going to convict that homeowner. In fact, a lot of people are going to say that they wish he'd done more.

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That dirtbag is lucky the father didn't kill him.

When will Scam Adumbs tweet about his brand new Skillet Task Force?


No kidding. Adams' gun ordinances have worked so well for gang shootings no doubt we will soon have knife ordinances, skillet ordinances, bat ordinances, slingshot ordinances....

He made a great statement a while back. He said "too many people are being killed by guns in Portland".

Those damn guns... they just jump out of the cabinet and blaze away at you.

OT: A "Bike freeway" designed by a Portland firm just opened in Minneapolis:


"The last mile, through downtown, was ready May 23 and was by far the most expensive leg at $9 million, more than five times the cost of the first 3 1/2 miles."

Oh, and the skillet attacker is just lucky that we still honor the 8th Amendment. Get the girl a dog... best early warning system there is.

I hear through the grapevine that there was a dog in that house.

Castillo most likely will get convicted of the charges filed against him. The DA most likely will not press charges against the home owner and if he did the Grand Jury wouldn’t give an indictment. The reality, unfortunately, is that Castillo will find a pro bono civil rights attorney that will sue the home owner for his injuries and get a judgment against him.

If this guy tried that in a state with a "castle doctrine" law, he'd not only get stabbed on the way out the door, but the property owner would be fully in his rights to do it, and immune from civil prosecution.

Maybe if the murder rate is going to continue climbing in Oregon, a castle doctrine should be adopted?

If the intruder starts the fight in the home by hitting the homeowner in the head with a cast iron skillet, I don't think the D.A. could charge the homeowner with assault (assuming he wanted to) even though he stabbed the intruder on the front porch. In other words, I think that as a matter of law, once someone starts a fight the other guy has a right to finish it in a reasonable manner so as to neutralize the threat. If he shot the intruder in the back while he was 1/2 a block away that would be a different story.

In my world it would be appropriate for the homeowner to follow and subdue the intruder, in order to bring him to custody and protect the rest of us from this lunatic.

Given that the intruder has a juvenile conviction for murder, and that the family determined during the day that their daughter has a skull fracture consistent with being hit in the head with a skillet, I hope the only lawyer he gets keeps him in jail for life and keeps the perp out of the hands of a lynch mob that would favor the death penalty.

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