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Friday, June 10, 2011

This is a job for Admiral Randy

Nick Fish may have conquered homelessness, but what about houseboatlessness?

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Uh oh. Are we sure they're actual homeless, and not just hipsters who heard that their brethren are setting up houseboats along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn?

We have houseboatlessness happening everywhere. At Macadam Bay, a city park down by Sellwood Bridge we have 3. Across the river at Sellwood Park we have 3 to 4. Downtown we have several on both sides. Down by the entrance to Multnomah Channel from the Willamette we've had 2 or more. Down by Sauvie Island's Bridge we had a broken, sinking boat pulled up onto the beach being used as a home.

I suggest that Sam declare RiverPlace Marina a "houseboatlessnes moorage" like Dignity Village. It would only be fair.

Obviously, we need a Dignity Harbor.

There might be some use for Randy's fireboat after all if they start lighting fires on these boats.

As the Admiral is soaking residents for more water rates, we may find more and more having to live on riverboats, businesses on riverboats as well. Go By Boat!

The Plum Crazy shown on the video has been anchored near Riverplace Marina for at least a year. What's the deal with 30 days??? And since these boats are anchored long term on state-owned lands, where is the Department of State Lands in terms of enforcement?

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