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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The verdict from England: Fire David Shaff

The British tech news and opinion site The Register is hosting quite a discussion about the City of Portland's decision to dump the contents of a Mount Tabor reservoir after a 20-something know-nothing peed in it. Most posters think the city's reaction was ridiculous.

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Canard seems to fit. Unless he's really stupid.

Portland cannot afford to spend 30K or more on every minor situation that falls into the yuk factor. A missed call by David for spending when it was not needed.

People can make mistakes, but if he fails to acknowledge it was a mistake, then nothing was learned, and we can expect more "mistakes" in his future.

Smartest move......I over-reacted because it was so yukky sounding and there was so much media attention to it. You all can expect better from me from now on.

I will not always be a perfect bureaucrat. I cannot promise to never make mistakes.

Now they can get back to finding ways to sell Willamette River water to these gullible Portland fools.

And, whatever Randy Leonard's been drinking is worse than the piddled Mount Tabor res water. Put a cap on that, will ya Randy?

David Shaff is no more capable than his boss, Randy Leonard, as evidenced by his previous comments on this site, as well as his comments about the peeing incident.
They should both be fired or quit their jobs, but unfortunately, that is not going to happen any time soon.
Keep your bellies up to the public trough, boys!

It's not like these creeps and clowns have been on the wrong side of some close calls.

This story is one of many where they are on the wrong side of asinine.

I'd wager that most people, maybe as high as 90% or more, would laugh at the notion of draining the whole reservoir and only a few percent would even consider it.

So Randy et al despite their self image are among the small small minority of truely judgement incompetence.

It's a pity Portland, the region and Oregon has such a disproportianate share of them in public office.

TriMet board, Metro Council and many commissioners in the region have hobbled the Portland area and the state by extension, exacerbating whatever defects the rest of the State has.

It's been like this for decades and in major ways has been getting worse lately with some signs of possible reversal in places like Clackamas County, Lake Oswego and Vancouver.

Overreaches by the lunatics with MLR, streetcar, and CRC/Light Rail is causing the kind of blowback that may lead to the next election cycle purging many of the creeps and clowns.

IMO things like this


will be blowing up some major elements of the agenda they perpetrate.

Anybody have a Baby Ruth bar?


Wow, David Evans has been paid $77 million and claims to have been paid $20-30 million?

Watch that video and it will make your skin crawl...

The 21-year-old was spotted by officials in the early hours of last Wednesday walking..." That should have read "in the wee hours of last Wednesday."

Now that has been corrected.

Randy Leonard said that the beginning of debt for burying our Open Reservoirs began during Joe Glicker's (LT2 Glicker, VP CH2M Hill) reign in the Portland's Water Bureau...1996 I believe he said... Now, Joe's neighbor, Dave Schaff is trying to scare us and play us dumb... Well, 60% done Dave, are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Ever been to a public pool... any 5th grade will tell you, β€œIt tastes like chlorine because kids pee in the pool.” And considering our skin is the largest absorbent organ of our body. .. And now Randy, you have to answer to those that take pristine care of our open bodies of water and be assured, they know no threat as per the Joe Glicker EPA Open Reservoir Manual & Randy Leonard... our open reservoirs are treated!
I visualize this cartoon...
the symbol of the Chevy guy peeing on the Ford.... instead, it is Joe Glicker giving a golden shower to 60% done Dave who then has this brilliant idea to close the reservoirs... much easier than training a bird!
Iowa's corn crops are under water, β€œI can confirm that. I am about 25 miles south of Sioux City and there are several thousand acres under water from here to Sioux City. Personally I have about 160 acres under 2-4 feet of water. Look at the pictures in the links posted. I realize that people's houses are most important, but the lack of reporting and news on the amount of farmland involved in this has been disappointing.” (bing search: Iowa corn crops under water June 2011) The 5 dams above the Nuclear Power plants in Nebraska are filled to capacity and one Plant is close but the other is still on line even with water rising and a Fed alert ... hummm and we are suppose to be A SCARED of some guy peeing in a pool that is treated? Get a grip.

This entire water affair has a list of wrongs by Leonard, Shaff and Council.
They will stop at nothing to promote their agenda. . which will take our money to give to corporations. . and add more and more debt. . for projects unnecessary.

They will do nothing of significance to help the public's interest. They refused to delay construction, they refuse to ask for a Waiver from this LT2 rule. It fits that Shaff is not into science, if these people were they would ask for a delay until all these matters with EPA are resolved. Hundreds of EPA scientists have said they were politically interfered with throughout the years. NY got a reprieve until 2028 and are asking for another until 2034, our PWB insisted we had to rush and wouldn't ask for a delay, they set up their own timeframe here. . and that is to race to finish their agenda.

Chlorine is at the outlet of the reservoir before entering our pipes. For those worried about birds, bird wires are available. Laser technologies are available to detect within seconds if any properties should not be in our water.
PWB does what regarding solutions other than their agenda? Zero.

They just want to put the nail in the coffin on this whole matter, so that they can continue to spend, spend, spend.

We pretty much know about the financial wrongs here, what isn't known by the public is the other aspect of this which is seriously wrong and that is the dismantling of our Bull Run Water System which includes the reservoirs, the problems with storage tanks, the degrading of our water with toxic chemicals and radon problems.

A "big" wrong in my viewpoint is that they apparently have no conscience about any of this. Destroying our sustainable system to change it into a corporate designed expensive system and using political maneuvers to do so is the agenda here.

The story made the BBC today, too:


Both Shaff and Leonard have posted to this blog in the past. What is holding them back from responding now? Is it the fact that there is absolutely no reasonable defense for this stupid waste of our money??

"What is holding them back from responding now?"

These kind of people never engage the public. Randy tried it a few years ago and realized he was illequipped to answer honestly most of what he faced.

They hide behind the wall of 3 minute testimonies and NEVER face the public for open Q&A.

David Shaff used to respond here regularly. He hasn't in a while. We used to get along with Fireman Randy, too, but he despises us now. You can't please everybody.

I've thought since the beginning that David Shaff ought to be fired, or at least publicly dressed down, for this costly and ridiculous error in judgment.

As for covering the reservoirs-- I was convinced that it is unnecessary, only a boondoggle for contractors, and was angry that Portland didn't apply for a federal waiver. Fukushima changed my mind. Now (sigh), watching the clouds running east and the rain coming down, I think it would be safer to cover the drinking water.

I, for one, am waiting to hear that Portland is being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's largest toilet with an amazing 7.8 million gallons per flush.

"Randy tried it a few years ago and realized he was illequipped to answer honestly most of what he faced."

Mr Bog, you should know better than arguing with idiots - They'll drag to their level and beat you with experience.

Let his highness continue to live in his vacuum and collect his paycheck and several public pensions.

Steve - I believe the Firelad knows that he's like a one armed, one eyed boxer if he enters the arena known as Jack Bog's Blog. He may not be the brightest kid in the class but he doesn't like to be beaten and he usually can tell when it's coming.

Bee... Gail Shibley Oregon State Health Dept. feels the same way... they seem to think that if you can not conceive of what can be in the water, it is safer to cover... I guess, using that type of thinking... we should all be wondering around pulling our air tanks. Why are we so foolish when it comes to the unknown... does it always have to be FEAR full? The real fear is around the water and nuclear waste... and we knew about that one but POLITICALLY it was manipulated into something idealistic and covered up! Not anymore...

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