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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The big bears feast

The Stanley Cup is in the hands of the Boston Bruins after a not-so-exciting 4-0 victory in a deciding showdown game in (the real) Vancouver. The team from British Columbia looked pretty anemic all night, and the Beantown goalie was once again a wide, high brick wall.

Wish we still had our Bruins jersey from our college days. We saw Randy Bachman of the Guess Who wearing one in concert, and from then on we had to have one. Santa came through, and we lived in that thing for a couple of winters. We had no particular affinity for that team, with Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson -- it was just a cool shirt. It would be even cooler this evening.

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Vancouver looked bored being there. Embarrassing to say the least. Boston deserved it completely.

agreed canucken...but there is no joy in mudville tonight.

Canucks got outplayed and outclassed. Congrats Bruins. Go Winterhawks! When does the NFL pool start?

Okay, Jack. It's finally happened. You've topped me on so many different anecdotes that I lost count. Seeing John and Yoko on the streets of New York? Who can compete with that?
But I got you on this one:
I graduated from a boarding school in New Hampshire halfway through my senior year. Just smarter than the other kids I guess. Anyway this friend of mine and I headed into Boston to celebrate our newfound freedom. We paid a man to buy us a little bottle of Portuguese wine, and then went to a Boston Bruins game at the old Boston Gardens.
Two points: Bobby Orr did not have to be doing anything hockey related. Just seeing him skate, you knew he was better than everyone else. 2.) Derek Sanderson was a bad man. When this one player showed him up he followed him behind the goal while the action was at the other end and slammed him into the boards.
After the game - or was it before - we were walking down the street and there was a bench. I didn't see it from the side, went over the armrest, and ended up doing a semi- cartwheel motion completely over the back, landing in a heap laughing really hard. It was a fun celebration.
The other night when they introduced Bobby Orr at the game, I thought back over the whole thing again.
We called them the Boston B's back then and listened to their games on a radio at school. It was 1972. Go B's.

The post-game behavior of the Vancouver "fans" makes me happy that Boston prevailed.

An underwhelming Game 7. The Canucks were depleted and got defeated without any doubts. Their shooting was even worse than their previous 2 games -- couldn't have hit a bear in the arse with a bass fiddle.

Yeah, those ol' Bruins of the early 70's were superb. I remember one bumper sticker in the heyday of the Jesus Freaks, JC Superstar, etc.: "Jesus Saves. And Esposito Scores On The Rebound!"

Here's a great piece of hockey history that comes out of tonight's game:

One week from tonight, the 37-year old Thomas will likely take home the Vezina Trophy [for best goaltender of the year]; and along with the Conn Smythe [MVP of the Playoffs] and Stanley Cup, he'll become the first goaltender to win all three since 1974 and 1975 when Bernie Parent of the Flyers achieved the feat. [insert boo for the Flyers here]

Hockey Anecdote: Part 2. I'm in O'Hare Airport a few years later and suddenly there's all these tough guys with black eyes and teeth missing, carrying bottles of scotch in plastic carry-on bags, and - here's the most jarring part - several of them were wearing mink coats. A tough guy with no front teeth and a mink coat...very strange.
So I'm trying to figure out who they were and there was Esposito. These were the New York Rangers after Esposito left the B's and went to New York - a very unsettling development by the way.
Ironically moving West back then meant you were completely cut off from the NHL so I lost the continuity.

Another Winterhawks name on the Cup - Andrew Ferrence. Plus, Cam Neely is their President. Don't know if management names go on the Cup.

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