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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

That's not the parking brake

You can't make this stuff up. The mayor of Portland now says he's starting up a big campaign against distracted driving.

Here are a couple of tips, offered by a friend of ours: No drinking. Don't drive with your fly open.

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Come back. Back, back. More, more....

And bicyclists are now supposed to stop at red lights and stop signs too!
Yeah, right!

What about cyclists who ride either a) smoking, b) on cell phones, c) wearing earbuds? Or driving with earbuds for that matter?

As a sometimes cyclist and motocyclist, my current pet peeve that I believe is even worse than cell phones is what I call "driving by GPS", where the person behind the wheel spends almost all of their time looking back and forth between their little LCD and street signs and not much at the road.

Two links of interest. First, Zidell begins their riverfront cleanup: http://bit.ly/lvUF7i

A commenter compares decades of toxic tolerance to the PWB reservoir situation.

Tualatin's urban renewal plans. Also has a few decent comments: http://bit.ly/iGkUMM

Another day, another stabbing/shooting, and now distracted driving is a priority?

"Police will conduct one distracted-driving mission a month starting this summer, with details about the times and locations announced to the press and on the Portland Bureau of Transportation's website beforehand"

I'm having a hard time finding where the Twitter sting alerts are located on the Bureau of Transportation's website. All other social networking software is being used at COP and If I sign up for a "twitter cell phone sting alert" will the police "time" the alert and pull drivers over as they respond to the ever present cell phone in their purse or pants?

If you get pulled over in one of these campaigns, just tell the officer you were checking the Mayor's Twitter feed.

Great headline, BTW.

I'd love to see a campaign to convince cyclists to stop at lights and signs. (As it is, I get looks of utter shock when I stop at lights, because even drivers out here are used to cyclists acting as if the universe rotates around them.) While I'm wishing for it, though, I'd also like my own pet dinosaur, an operational Green Lantern ring, a pony to feed to my dinosaur, and a tea party with leprechauns, hodags, and hipsters who can talk about something other than themselves.

Thanks TTR, I did not know what a hodag was till I looked it up...kinda cute, in a "Where the Wild Things Are" way.

My bike favorite is the bike mother I encountered on a cell phone with child in wagon behind who flipped me off as she blew the 4-way stop at 26th and Clinton.

No surprise. 26th and Clinton is right in the heart of Bicycle Taliban territory.

My bike favorite is the bike mother I encountered on a cell phone with child in wagon behind who flipped me off as she blew the 4-way stop at 26th and Clinton.

It's one thing to endanger yourself - it's an order of magnitude worse to endanger a child.

This woman should have aborted that child.

At least that's not a crime.

The mayor's campaign gives a whole new meaning to "hands at 2 and 10".

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