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Friday, June 10, 2011

Team Kroger goofs again

This screwup must be cause for embarrassment. And this one was positively obscene. Not making many friends as Oregon attorney general, will John Kroger have an opponent if he runs for re-election next year?

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For a guy that was touted to have all the great credentials, be able to manage the office efficiently and become a future leader in Oregon, he sure turned out to be an incompetent partisan hack.

You can''t blame the staff for releasing these. They probably assume any boxes of documents lying around are just future press releases.

Be careful what you wish for Mr. Kroger. You wanted to be a household name and slowly but surely you're getting there, for all the wrong reasons.

Seems like we're being let down by a lot of young, well educated, attorney/politicians who've written inspirational books about how great they are doesn't it?

While the press releases keep coming, he seems to have lost control of the message.

With the local social engineering cabal of politicians/planners/developers apparently in smash-and-grab-while-you-can mode during this downturn, I'm never sure anymore what's a goof or a caculated risk.

Kroger inherited a dysfunctional AG's office, one where someone involved in a major land scam can rise to a top position.
I think he is trying to play straight in a situation where only machine politics have mattered for about a century. The AG's office would have gone after Gushwa in the days before he was elected (think Terry Gustafson). My guess is that Gushwas did something politically incorrect and was being punished for it; his dating indiscretions allowed for plausible deniability. It may be that it is to Kroger's credit that these situations are coming to the light at all.

Is Tony "Sellout" Green still cranking out these press releases?

Seems like when he was at The O, he would have been tearing into hacks like Kroger with alacrity instead of covering up for him.

Seems like a lot of one-time media folk are going over to the dark side. But why not? Government is the only growth industry in the state.

Gushwa got what he deserved. In the private sector having sexual relations with someone when you are their superior is grounds for termination. And having done with multiple underlings shows a pattern of behavior. He's just another scum of a pol in office. Apparently, Oregon's bar ethics don't cover that kind of prosecutorial misconduct, but they should. As for how the Oregon's AG's office handled it, well that was pathetic.

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