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Sunday, June 12, 2011


In a crazy world in which Mark Cuban's team could come out looking like the good guys, the Dallas Mavericks won the world championship of pro basketball this evening. Dirk, the Jasons, and Shawn Marion got it done, with the help of a pretty good set of role players and a coach who surprised a lot of people with his talent.

On the Miami side, we harbor no ill will toward the trio of spoiled stars. They will be putting themselves through their own personal tortures over the summer. Most fans were glad to see the mighty Lebron take another fall, but we feel sorry for the people who are going to have to live with him on that team next season.

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I heard the parade in Dallas is Tuesday and the parade in Cleveland is Wednesday.

Here's a method for handling any misgivings you have about watching Mark Cuban succeed: Focus on how irritated Jerry Jones must feel. Jerry builds his fancy stadium only to watch another Dallas team become champs. Delightful.

As for LeBron, he made a very good point at the press conference. He basically said a lot of people will feel good about him losing for a day or even a couple of months, but it won't change anything in their lives. They'll still wake up tomorrow with the same problems as before. He's got a point.

After all, what's the price he has to pay? Months to vacation as a young famous millionaire. Yup, he really lost big tonight.

And to all the local sports experts who saw Dallas as the best team for the Blazers to handle in the first round, that's why you're sitting here in Portland, and not Bristol.

Are you kidding? Blazer fans will now be able to say, "They were the only team that could have beaten us. Wait 'til Greg Oden gets healthy, etc."

I didn't see the Mavs' sweep of the Lakers coming, but damn, they had "the look" in Rd. 1 against the Blazers. And it was more apparent as they marched on. When you think about it, they have all the traditional pieces found on great championship teams. Felt more old-school than anything this millennium (Spurs notwithstanding). What a great series.

Bill, that's exactly how we feel about Jerry Jones, too. Last year at the World Series, friends were putting up signs reading "Nolan Ryan, could you buy the Cowboys, too?", after Nolan repaired Tom Hicks's depredations. I fully expect folks to say the same thing to Mark Cuban over the next few weeks, and they'd have every reason to do so.

It was particularly appealing to watch D. Wade bounce the ball out of bounds off his foot in the 4th quarter.

I also loved one replay of the Matrix in an earlier game. He was guarding LeBron and the whole time he was talking to him. Hilarious.

"Months to vacation as a young famous millionaire. Yup, he really lost big tonight."

If this is The King's actual attitude, he never will win a Championship in the NBA and he will be a failure in life. But he will certainly accurately reflect the "gimme" society we're living in.

Don’t expect loathing of LeBron to stop
By Marc J. Spears

When I gave LeBron a dollar and asked for change, he only gave me 75 cents back. He doesn't have a fourth quarter.

Old school deep bench wins. Miami got goofy with starlight shining in their eyes.

Also, the referees officiate better more fairly with video review yet 3 games I think were 'tipped' by the referees -- an extremely sensitive dossiere at NBA Corporate -- but then, they were 3 very close games, so off course one wrong whistle means a basket favor here or there and it doesn't mean anything to say the refs 'tipped' it.

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