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Monday, June 20, 2011

Spinnin' wheel must go 'round

Two very different takes on the same story: here and here.

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Not much difference. H'ain't got much spin in it. Reading either one version first, I would figure out and expect the other to appear.

It is shame beyond words the way the issue of global climate chaos is toyed with, tauted and counter-tauted, stupidly trivialized to score for self or prevent others from scoring election-winning political points for being in favor of or opposing the looming extinction of humankind at our own hand by our own hubris posing as nationalistic fanatacism.

It's like this: It does NOT MATTER what China is doing/does to reduce planet-bake pollutants in the atmosphere. Not in the first place. Maybe we can talk about China later, or talk tough to China after we do our share first! We canNOT evade what we must do, by stall tactics wasting our time being frozen-scared witless speculating to each other in the worst case WWCD. What Would China Do?

It is what we are NOT doing that effects humankind extinction this century be cause we consumed all and bequeathed none of the resource balances necessary to sustain humankind survival.

It is beyond words to express but ... some of our best poetic wordsmiths get us close to comprehending. This one, for example.

Absolutely NOT more on-one-hand,-on-the-other-hand,headspin headspin,who-you-gonna-believe-if-you-don't-understand-anything? stupified fence sitting. No mas! NOT any more!

Please please please read it now:
The Sky Really Is Falling, by Chris Hedges, May 30, 2011.

Those who concede that the planet is warming but insist we can learn to live with it are perhaps more dangerous than the buffoons who decide to shut their eyes.

“We are going to have to adapt a good deal,” said [Bill] McKibben. “Temperatures have gone up one degree so far and that has been enough to melt the Arctic. ... If we let it go up three or four degrees we are really not talking about a planet that can support a civilization anything like the one we’ve got.”

“I have sympathy for those who are trying hard to figure out how to adapt, but they are behind the curve of the science by a good deal,” he said. “The problem, at this point, is not going to be dealt with by small steps. It is going to be dealt with by getting off fossil fuel in the next 10 or 20 years or not at all.”

“The only way around this is to defeat the system, and the name of that system is the fossil fuel industry, which is the most profitable industry in the world by a large margin.”

“We’ve got to win quickly if we’re going to win. We’ve already passed the point where we’re going to stop global warming. It has already warmed a degree and there is another degree in the pipeline from carbon already emitted. The heat gets held in the ocean for a while, but it’s already there. We’ve already guaranteed ourselves a miserable century. The question is whether it’s going to be an impossible one.”

What part of impossible to survive don't we understand?

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