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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Somethin' new from the PDC

The merry mailman just brought us this:

We don't remember ever getting this sort of notice before. Maybe it's because the state law requiring it is only 20 years old, and they haven't done one of these amendments since it went on the books?

Anyway, no notice from the city would be complete without a sales pitch, and so the reverse shows us the wonders of "urban renewal":

Trains on the streets and Paul Bunyon statues, people -- that's why we have crumbling schools and more gangsters than cops. But hey, the minions at the PDC are running out of busy work, and so we need to throw them some more tax dollars and find some more neighborhoods to "save." Fight blight -- go by streetcar to a drum circle!

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Watching idealists crash into reality would be funny if it didn't endanger our lives.

Frankly, I find all this Urban Renewal stuff confusing. What wasn't confusing? This little small-print gem on the flyer which arrived at our house yesterday:

"...may impact property tax rates..."

Whatever all the rest means, I know my bill is going up again. And this one isn't for the children, is it?

The drummer bears a faint resemblance to this blog's host...

This change is involves an expansion of one of the districts which requires concurrence from the taxing jurisdictions.
Some percentage of the taxing jurisdictions have veto power.

Perhaps Cogan will lead the oppostion?


They don't mention the concurrence.

The flier doesn't mention that borrowed Urban renewal PDC "resources" paid for the Interstate MAX.

I believe the totality of property taxes diverted for MAX debt is around $80 million?
They don't advertise that either.

For the children?

Only if your parents are welfare recipient developers and contractors, who daily have their taxpayer subsidized lunches at the Arlington Club.

"I believe the totality of property taxes diverted for MAX debt is around $80 million?

That's speaking about only Interstate MAX and that one UR district.
Other MAX lines are devouring many millions more in property taxes.

How come they didn't include a picture of the scantily-clad strippers taking a smoke break outside of the "Dancing Bear(Bare)" along the Max Line? Isn't that what the Paul Bunyun statue stares at all day?

The merry mailman just brought us this:

Not brought by the merry mailman but delivered at my door by PSU. Did anyone else get this 8 1/2 x 11 card stock "How does your family get around? We would like to know!"

They want help on an important study....
The results of the study will help Portland and other cities create better neighborhoods.

On the other side, more information and goes on to say that participation in the study will involve each person wearing a small global positioning system (GPS) device and an activity monitor (similar to a pedometer) for five days to measure and record your activity. To qualify for the study, at least one parent/guardian and on child (ages five to 16) from you family must participate...

.....Each participant will be asked to wear them for at least 8 hours a day for five days....

...your family will receive a $15 gift card or check for each day of data collection, up to $75 max/family.

Jack, you may want to look into this and write more. Who is funding this, is this an alliance with city and PSU project?


Did find some funding from City of Portland. How much?

What next?

Oh my goodness, I even commented last July on this thread and said:

I wonder too about a possible unhealthy relationship between PSU and the city. I am concerned that the city's agenda is being driven at PSU.

I guess seeing this card stock flyer now and at my doorstep had me take a closer look - my concern is still the same.

How many neighborhoods are continuing to get this? If this is going to neighborhood after neighborhood, how much of our money is being spent on the project? Where are the results of last years and how are they being used?

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