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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Silver threads among the gold

Portland's ranked 10th on this list of the most rapidly aging cities in the country.

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Gives whole new meaning to the lyrics "the dream of the Nineties," eh?

I thought you were talking about infrastructure (roads/buildings/bridges). What a relief. Just give out Harleys and that will help lower the average age demographic.

Some of us Boomers will be leaving as we hit retirement. That's a ways out for me but when my current employment ends, I am most likely out of anyplace involving COP, Port of PDX, Metro, Tri-Met, etc. Haven't decided about leaving Oregon, but it is under consideration. Of course, if the writing is badly on the wall before then, well it might be sooner. One of my co-workers is making an offer on a place near Vernonia. He's 10 years younger so the price of the house transaction hits him less and he is more into commuting than I am.

I'm with you Lucs. I grew up here, but won't be able to stay after my wife retires in 4 years. Try Wyoming. No income tax, and only 9.5% of your property's market value is taxed. There is a 4% sales tax, but food and medicine are exempt.Home prices are considerably lower than here. I'm already checking out realty in Star Valley, southwest of Jackson Hole.

I love this state, but watching how the politicians run it is like watching someone beat your sister...

Gee whiz, and I thought all the "creative class, hipster" kids moving into Portland were going to pay my social security, and medicare costs in my declining years.
Oh well back to plan B...move under the bridges with them I guess.

Does that include Greg Oden?

Wait until you get all of those three-wheeled bikes on the Hawthorne Bridge! Get off my bridge, sonny!

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