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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shhhh! I'm hunting for civil wights viowations.

We blogged last week about Sen. Ron Wyden's (R-N.Y.) inside knowledge of secret government police tactics that he says are abusive. Now the national media is after him to spill the beans, but he says he can't.

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You can't trust those Yankee wascals, they don't call it the Empire state for nothing.

The time has come to get rid of the so-called Patriot Act. Just end the wars now, and stop meddling in the Middle East. Let those people work out their own problems.

Ronny has to strike a pose to keep his bona fides up.

Plus it gives people some new reason to fawn over him at all those NY cocktail partoes - You know they can be so time-consuming.

God forbid any of these idiots in Washington should even begin to think of doing anything about the economy or budget.

What I want to know is what apartment or single wide trailer is Wyden going to cliam as an Oregon "residence" when his condo sells?
Isn't it way past time to "out" Wyden as an "Oregonian" in name only and boot his ass out in the next election?

Don't worry, the old media in Portland will rescue Ron. They've got to much invested to let him fall.

I expect that many of the folks upset about Wyden's residence status don't realize that Ron is honoring a decades old tradition in politics.

"Saint" John Kennedy was famous for the same shennagins when he held a US House seat representing a Boston District for two terms in the US House in 1948 and 1950.

Sfter JFK moved up to the Senate in 1952, similar games were played, with him claiming residence at the house old Joe Kennedy owned in Hyannisport.

JFK never did have an ownership interest in the houses on the Cape, nor did he ever actully lease or rent one of thise houses.

JFK did own a brownstone in the Heorgetown area of DC for years, though, and had bought property and was building a house in the Virginia Hunt country at Glen Or.

Gotta' love the Democrat millionaires.

At least JFK got hos millions the old fashioned honest way. He had a rich father.

Now Lyndon....

Ronny must be running for reelection...

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