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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shape up or ship out -- and here's another $540,000

The president of the U of O (a petty dictator's best friend) has been given a stern, stern reprimand, and a mere one-year extension on his half-million-dollar-a-year employment contract, by the state's board of higher education.

You know, it would be nice if the state board of higher education included more people who actually have some recent experience teaching students and performing academic research. Nah -- that would be too radical an idea. It's not about education any more -- it's just another corporation.

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They all skipped this course, of course, too:


Who would want to be the Prince of Cumberland?

The OUS board is just trying to protect its turf - and Pernsteiner is just trying to protect his $304,000 paycheck and expense accounts. Pernsteiner was an interim appointment by, of all people - Neil Goldschmidt. Right before the sex scandal broke. The OUS board then made it permanent without a public search.

Pernsteiner runs Oregon higher ed, but he doesn't even have a PhD. He's survived by cutting special deal with politicians, not by improving the state's universities. He has no credible alternative to Lariviere's plan. His legislative proposal is to reduce state oversight of how OUS spends money. No bid mystery on why that's such a priority for him.

This is all way too depressing.
What's the deal? Is the new "business model" to be the University of Phoenix? Why aren't the various degrees just listed for sale on ebay or amazon? Why bother with those pesky studies, term papers, or actually reading something? Will there be a Nintendo, xbox, or Wii degrees too? How much for those?

That's the kind of slap on the hand that I need to really kick it into high gear.

It's not about education any more -- it's just another corporation.

Man, is that depressing, I just opened my bitcoin account with 10k, there has gotta be someway to bring down these thugs.

Reality check on University presidential pay:


Thank goodness we don't have to fund Ohio State's admin.

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