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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Save the public schools: Call them prisons

It's an idea whose time has come.

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My high school looked like a prison when it was built in 1968, and was put out in the middle of cattle pasture on the "wrong" side of town for that reason. When the oil boom hit and the wrong side suddenly became incredibly valuable, the area around the school was wrapped with strip malls in short order. Although they knew they were setting up shop next to a high school, neighboring businesses immediately started blaming students for shoplifting during school hours and demanded an even further crackdown on students' movements. At the time, I responded by writing a column for the school newspaper, suggesting that the then-new movie "Escape From New York" could be used as a logical end-result.

My, how times change. Today, this writer gets accolades for taking notice of trends. 30 years ago, I nearly got suspended.

I like it as ICE screens prison inmates for legal status and that result would drastically reduce our school populations by millions and save us Billions.

What percentage of LEGAL citizen inmates did the teacher's salary and benefits FAIL? Could we increase salary and benefits if we combined education/incarceration/bike paths/light rail ? Its for the children after all.

ICE screens prison inmates

Indeed. It's important that we rid the schools of the children of the people we hire to clean our homes, mow our lawns and pick our strawberries and vegetables. They should be on the street.

7K per student per year in Michigan? At that price we could afford much more for each and everyone of the little yappers.

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