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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader poll: Will Beaverton "urban renewal" plan pass?

Having sucked Portland dry, the "urban renewal" merchants have moved to the suburbs -- including Beaverton, where, led by pied piper Don "Eco-Brick" Mazziotti, the City Council has approved and sent to the voters a new private development regime to be financed with public money. Privatize profit, socialize risk -- ain't that America?

At least they're giving the voters a chance to weigh in -- more than you could ever expect in Portlandia proper.

Do you think it will pass in the November 8 election?

Will Beaverton "urban renewal" pass at the polls?
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Comments (4)

Note: I'm not asking how you will (or would) vote, but whether you think the voters out there will go for it.

I can see some lunchtime conversations in my future. I cannot vote in the Tron but a lot of my co-workers can.

We could hope "the Don" plans will be set back, but we can also be pretty sure that he has a back up plan.
The saying, 'never ask a question to which you do not know the answer' may apply here.

Why can't these types just quietly go away with their stash from Portland and spare others?

As others have mentioned before here, it must be an addiction. Does it feel so very good to lord over the public as to how they should live and have to pay and pay?

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