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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reader poll: Who's wackier, Weiner or Wu?

Congressman Anthony "Look at My" Weiner says he is checking into psychological rehab and "taking a leave" from the House of Representatives. Given that his term is only two years, you wonder why he doesn't just resign. But hey, living one district over from David Wu, maybe we shouldn't be pointing fingers.

Who's nuttier?
They're equally nutty
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Comments (16)

I was personally pleased about the Weiner scandal, because I felt that for once, my congressman wasn't the weirdest!

Wu is wacky, what with the Klingons and all,
but Weiner is pervy, what with the cling-ons and all.

NPR was reporting the other night that the Dems are getting ready to whack Weiner (ha!) through the magic of redistricting. If all goes according to plan, his district will be gone next year.

Is it just me, or by voting am I the only one who gets taken to a loopy (figurativelu anfd literally) site where I am offered a "free" I pad and from which I cant escape without powering down the machine?

If I cloick on the "offer", bboth Kaspersky and AVG (separate machines) pop up warnings that the linked site is full of evil bad nasties and won't let me download anything.

jack, you seriously need to rethink that poll site.

Agreed on the poll site spambot. I just voted and got that message bouncing around on my screen too.

Old Zeb,
You showed some real comedic pop with that. You're not in the biz, are you?
I'd say the difference is that Wu's staff quit on him while Anthony Weiner's staff never quits.

I'm running, adblock, windows security essentials,on chrome, no spambots.

It's just an ad. All four browsers I have let you hit the "back" arrow and get off the page. I don't click on ads on that page, and you needn't do so, either.

I'd be happy to look at other free poll sites if anyone has any suggestions.

Wu tries to show up Boehner, whereas Weiner...

at least Weiner has something to show for it...Wu cant find it!

All Congresspeople should be required to walk around in their underwear and lobbyists to wear furry costumes. The Supreme Courters, propeller beanies or fake arrows through their heads. So tired of them all....

Is this Weiner related to Sammy's Weiner? Is the patriarch Oscar?

When you so strongly resemble Pauly Shore, and have the difficult choice of pronouncing your last name "Weener" or "Whiner", your chances for any real success in politics are greatly diminished.

All I can say is Weiner better hope that Lorena Bobbit isn't working wherever it is that he's going for rehab.

Although it's random, all I can think about since this latest nonsense surfaced is that my 3rd grade teacher for reading and math (in those days, they tracked us for the important subjects...) was named Mrs. Weiner. She was just a regular Jewish NYC grandma-type, but we always snickered about her name, even though we weren't really sure why.

Very surprised at the votes cast. It appears only a minority of us recognize the while Wu is a garden-variety nut-job, Weiner is a sociopath and out of touch with reality.

Anyone who thinks he can get away with sending pics of their genitalia to unknown members (sorry, no pun intended) of the public, and get away with it, is definitely psychologically FUBAR.

And a pregnant wife (interestingly, an expat fugitive of Saudi Arabia), who is the world's best dresser and takes care of Hillary Clinton...wow, do I ever feel bad for her. She probably gets a clammy creeped out feeling at the thought of being touched by him. Ah, well, one more single mom to stack the deck.

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