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Monday, June 6, 2011

Reader poll: Which story do you care less about?

We've noticed a couple of ongoing stories in the news of late that we must admit we don't give rat's tuchis about: the sale of Portland's Stumptown Coffee, and Congressman Anthony Weiner's Greg Oden-like lewd cell phone photos sent to women other than Mrs. Weiner. Both stories were initially denied, then proven to be true. But it's hard to tell which one is less important. What do you think?

Which story do you care less about?
Weiner's wiener shots
Sale of Stumptown Coffee
They're both equally meaningless
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Comments (18)

It's not on your list but I would vote for (or against) the wall to wall coverage on CNN of the murder trial of the deadbeat Florida mother who murdered her daughter and now claims the kid drowned in the backyard pool.

None, you know what's scary? CNN knows that only about ten percent of its audience cares about that story, at least as far as watching it obsessively. They're the same statistics as the percentage of viewers who actually gave a damn about the latest developments in the Anna Nicole Smith overdose case a couple of years back. Sadly for the rest of us, that ten percent is also the demographic most likely to respond to the moronic ads on news channels.

The Rep's picture, yawn. I assume that a large part of our elected officials become tainted and believe themselves above societal norms.

If he actually attacked someone, or if the other party wasn't receptive, I'd think differently.

How about we collectively get po'd about the bankers who have raped the economy, or maybe the developers wringing every last dime out of once vibrant cities and the leaders who support them? How about getting Jack off the Bush Library mailing list, that to me is a bigger problem.

I say that as neither a fan nor a part of the political base of the Representitive.

To bring back a common refrain from the 90's it's his personal life.

It was true then, and it holds up true now.

People lie all the time.

Problem i have is the media types who may not believe the lie themselves, but present it as truth and attack those who question its veracity.

S.P. not on the list, but still....

Weiner is a creep and needs to go away a la John Edwards.

How about Rick Santorum running for Pres?...snore...

I second Max's comment...

Name the comedic style I'm gong for here. (Hint: Jack's had a question answered on the show.)

Okay, here it goes: "How about this Anthony Weiner guy, huh? Is that wild or what? And here's the thing: Mr. Weiner is Jewish and he's married to a nice Muslim girl. True story. Gee, I hope this doesn't lead to any trouble between their two Peoples. That would be awful, wouldn't it?"

It would not surprise me if he had something along those lines tonight - and I say that to make a bigger point. Maybe tomorrow if it works out.

If we're divvying it out, the former Governor of California hasn't got 1/2 the attention he's earned, for my $$.

Follow-up: The joke wasn't used but I was attempting a called shot. We recently had a little dispute, not involving me, but I wanted to show that these jokes you hear do not arrive as beams of light from heaven. If you can write them, it's easy. If you change tires for a living, you don't have to drop what you're doing to run over to Les Schwab to see how they're changing a tire. You can do it.
Yes, jokes are stolen I suppose but most times when I hear the accusations fly, it's so stupid that it is ironically a joke itself. By this I mean if you put 100 comedy writers in a room and gave them a specific topic 85% of them would have a version of these same disputed jokes. It ain't that hard, folks.
The trick is to be different enough so that they pick yours.

It drives me nuts when average talent talks about a routine joke like they had to be hit by a friggin' lightning bolt from Zeus to write it. Then, if someone else says the same thing, it must mean it's stolen. Not true, folks. We are closing in on 7 billion of us.

This Anthony Weiner poll - so to speak - sort of reminded me of a recent problem with a nationally televised joke. Before it was over, it got a lot of attention and I was annoyed. I tried a call shot to illustrate how stupid the problem was. It didn't happen but there is always tomorrow. Sorry for the diversion.
Stumptown Coffee sold? Bummer.

I couldn’t help but to go back and review some of the servile flattery posted when Jack announced last summer that Anthony Weiner was his new favorite politician….

“Imagine how much better this state could be if we had one leader like that here.”

“halla effen lewya.... passion on display... go boy go”

“Bravo, Mr. Weiner”

“passionate performance”

“Hot dog!”

But one commentator had the most insight ….

“They play us all for fools and smugly claim superiority.”

They're all bad. When I was a reporter in Jersey City, N.J. 40 years ago, there was a guy name Shaw who ran for every local office. His campaign slogan was "Politicians are Crooks." He wasn't far off.

The Stumptown Coffee sellout is a big story, to those of us who drink their beverages. I remember what happened to Coffee People when they sold out - became just another superchain coffee storefront, quality of the product went to hell. That somewhat improved when it got bought by Starbucks, but only a little. Losing Stumptown to the New York MBA's is not good news.

The Weiner Incident is a national level embarassment for the Democratic Party. If he doesn't get booted out of office, his behavior will be a Republican talking point in next year's elections.

This would all be way more depressing if it were new...
It's not. I have just been reading about the assassination of James Garfield; and Chester Arthur, and a guy named Conkling along with a whole bunch of others. During the "gilded age" the corruption and hanky-panky makes these flunkies look like pikers.

I couldn’t help but to go back and review some of the servile flattery posted when Jack announced last summer that Anthony Weiner was his new favorite politician….

Oh dear, "servile" is such a strong word.

I prefer "fawning".

John Edwards got the same treatment, once upon a time.

From "fawning" to "yawning" is the order of the day.

Congressman, I rooted for Greg Oden. I cheered for Greg Oden. I saw Greg Oden's cell phone pics. Congressman...you're no Greg Oden.

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