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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Putting a bird on Brazil

Here's a snapshot of the mayor of Oregon's largest city on the latest of his exotic vacations sustainability missions, this one last week in Sao Paolo. That's him in the red shirt.

Apparently women aren't allowed to ride bicycles in that country.

Comments (13)

Three boobs in a row.

Did you notice that the majority of the bicyclists are law enforcement? It's a carefully posed shot with Mayor Pudgy--I'd wager that few of the civilians are serious bicyclists.

Brazil? I've seen the movie.

"Mayor Pudgy" our disgusting tub of goo.

Apparently he forgot to include "Wear A Helmet" in his speech.

I really feel like suing over all this foreign travel. For all the benefit that we get out of this, we could just take the money and burn it in the middle of the street.

Do we really need any more evidence that the mayor just wants to take a bunch of foreign trips on our dime? It seems pretty clear at this point.

Maybe we should just start by calculating the "sustainability" of burning the jet fuel necessary to send the Mayor and his team of earnest 25-year-olds all over the world for the important purpose of being photographed on a bike.

I see they keep their distance.

There will be a woman in that photo once Sam gets his fully covered sex change operation.

Hey, it looks better than the winter hat that looked like he was flying a MiG.

This is sad in a way. He's like the fat kid in school everyone made fun of. Nows he laughing just to try to get a long with everyone who thinks he's a chimp.

"Official City business" includes looking like a complete putz.

He needs training wheels on that "baby bike" he's leaning on.
Note to mayor pudgy...never! wear red it makes you look fat--er!

Confidential to the mayor:

Less spanks.

More Spanx.

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