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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Profiles in courage

Here are some people who are willing to make a big sacrifice for others.

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And another aftershock to day of 6.7...

It's another waste. Compounds the moral bankruptcy there. What a twisted version of the Roman Catholic Church's Children's Crusade (1212). The venerable elders needn't worry about outracing cancer under the twilight of their golden years -- radiation sicknesses will probably kill them in weeks. Just allowing this TEPCO farce to be publicized is Japanese elder abuse. This is what can happen when a cultural code of conduct (bushido, chivalry) is co-opted by psychotic PR maniacs.

Coming soon to a massively catastrophic human tragedy near you. How maddening. What's next, sending in squads of waterheads to fight wildfires?

So, what would be a better idea?

Off topic: a local journalist, Michael Totten, is at Powell's on Burnside this evening at 7:30.

He has written a book titled The Road to Fatima Gate. Mr. Totten webasite orignally pointed me to this blog. He is also a fresh and clear eyed man who has first hand experience of events in the the Middle East, specifically Lebanon, Isreal, and Syria.

Jack there is a virus on that article take a look!

thanks a lot is right

I read the article, and it brought tears to my eyes-- both because of the volunteers bravery, and because of what I'm afraid is the terrible futility of their sacrifice.

But...am I to believe that there is a virus on the website? Oh lord. Details please...

Safer page -- BBC, May 31:

Japan pensioners volunteer to tackle nuclear crisis
By Roland Buerk
BBC News, Tokyo

Thanks Alot and John Dull-- or anyone else who can answer-- I did read the article on the Mirror.uk site. How can you tell that site is infected, what ought I do to see if I am infected (I have a Mac but no separate virus scan), and what might it do to my computer?

Grazie for answers...

"So, what would be a better idea?"

Allan - how about if you volunteer? Let's make it personal so you have a better chance to understand.

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