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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portland cops shoot another guy

It was near the Caro Amico restaurant on Barbur, over by where some homeless people camp. He was allegedy hassling kids and supposedly had a knife. Apparently his life is not in danger. We'll get further details in a few days, after the officers get their story straight.

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KATU is reporting (06:29 PM)that the PPB shooter, a 15 year veteran, had lethal rounds in his "beanbag" shotgun, and fired a potentially lethal round at the shootee.

No wonder PPB has spent 7 hours playing at investigating. They had to figure out a way to explain how the supposedly "non lethal" beanbag shotgun was loaded with standard ammunition.

Miracle the ;latest victim of PPB bumbling is alive.

Weird is as weIrd does.

Yes that poor poor man. How dare those cops! I hope your family isn't ever in need of police stopping someone attacking your children. You'd sure face a moral delima as who to side for.

jq -

Its cops who can't follow bureau policy regarding ammo in non lethal shotguns who scare me more than your hypothetical bogeyman.

It's knowing that the cops will never be disciplined for what they do in uniform that scares me. They have carte blanche to do whatever they wish and the DA and their union will back them 100%.

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