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Monday, June 13, 2011

Portland cops nab a gang shooting suspect

It's important to note here that the Portland police actually arrested someone in connection with one of last week's five gang shootings in six nights (not to mention the two gang stabbings the next night). Over the weekend it was announced that this fellow was picked up on Friday. The mayor, of course, promptly Tweeted it to his flock.

The new ramp-up of enforcement efforts apparently has increased the police bureau's anti-gang team to 17 uniformed officers from 10. Sounds like a plan to us. We wish they'd lay off about a dozen government p.r. flacks around town and make it 25 or 30. We also wish they'd wise up and make this staffing level permanent. We've had these "Operation Cool Down's" before, and they always seem to peter out, while the strength of gangs never stops growing. It's a long-term problem that needs solutions with less flash and more substance.

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Only a dozen PR flacks? How many of these does the City need? Really. How about you have one? Maybe some interns to help out. Oh,rats - sorry, I forgot about Sam and his passion to "mentor" interns. Ok, new rule: interns permitted as long as Sam isn't in the restroom.

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