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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obama now on his fourth war

We can add Yemen to Afghanistan and Libya (and Iraq, sort of). Our President reportedly comes from a CIA family, just like his predecessor -- and it shows.

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Remember the good old days when they'd lie us into wars? It's slowly migrated to, "We can attack anybody we want to anytime and we're not even going to bother to lie to you about why."
Oh sure, we got a flurry of lies about going into Libya but not like the convoluted web of BS that went into Iraq. I doubt Yemen's going to get many questions in the next farcical press conference.
There are certain points on the graph of our descent that seem highlighted or stand out. When President Obama gave his ridiculous press conference the other day mentioning "good progress being made in Libya" I had one of those moments. Progress? Towards what?
Nobody ever sounded any phonier. Not Bush. Not Al Gore. None of them.

All hail Obamachrist, Prince of Peace!

Maybe he ought to make a Pepsi commercial.

That's cool to see you linking to Lew Rockwell, president of the Mises Institute and the Austrian movement. I learned about them over 8 years ago and am glad to see them more in the mainstream.

As far as covert CIA paramilitary operations go, it's amazing how everyone has bought into Bin Laden being brought down by the NAVY Seals, in a house, an urban environment 400 miles from the nearest ocean. And a civilian, Panetta was ensconced in Langley (at the George Bush Center for Intelligence by the way, get a picture of that sign on the GW Parkway next time you come to DC) directing Seal operations. Sure, that's how we always manage and deploy specialized DOD assets.

I guess it was the Noble Pieces Prize that Obama won...

All going according to plan. Get rid of the phoney royalty and install a phoney democracy.

Btw: If anybody thinks we are leaving Afghanistan or Iraq they just ain't seeing the chess pieces.

The only question is when China and Russia will begin military operations- as that is becoming their only option.

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