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Monday, June 27, 2011

Now Portland wants to be like... Atlanta???

Word from City Hall is that this is the latest fad being talked up by Sustainable Susan of the planning mafia and Bicycle Rex over at Metro. Sounds like what's coming for Barbur Boulevard. Heaven help us.

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"historic rail line encircling the city's core"....choking off all private vehicles permanently no doubt.
Who will be left? the homeless, the gangs, and that kid with the pit bull and the 'give me money or else' for drugs sign.

Oh! I forgot to mention the "graffiti artists".

What's conveniently left out of this is that with the cities doing this (including Dallas, I hasten to say), they're only taking advantage of available space already purchased for putting in rail. Emphasis on "putting in". Out here, we're rather bereft of walking and biking spaces that actually go anywhere (most of our park trails parallel creeks and rivers that flood rather severely at times, so they're only parks because the developers aren't allowed to build right up to the water's edge), so it makes sense. Considering how bike-and-pedestrian-friendly Portland is supposed to be, why on Earth does it need even more space of this sort?

Oh, that's right. Never mind if it actually makes sense. The idea is to collect the city money before it's all gone.

'Who will be left? the homeless, the gangs, and that kid with the pit bull and the 'give me money or else' for drugs sign.'

What do you mean will be?

Ugh. Maybe we can get a state initiative going requiring 10 miles of new road for each 1 mile of track.

I feel bad for those that are stuck in Portland city limits. They'll be taxed to death for all of our upcoming obligations, and unable to sell.

Hey, trolley cars on the 40-mile loop!

(Just for the record, I'd have no major issues with a trolley system if it was the electric / rubber-tire bus style. No, not along the 40-mile loop, silly!)

What I don't get is why people of this talent level don['t get jobs as garden designers and start filling out grant forms. Letting them run ianything else is a waste of time and money.

Be happy, at least there is some sanity in govt:


Someone isn't buying the "think of all the construction jobs" to build an overpriced building with no real plan to run it once they build it.

Yes, my friend your non-sustainable Sustainability center.

Sounds to me like Atlanta wants to be more like Portland.

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