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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not as we do

An alert reader in Portland thinks she knows where the slightly tainted water from Mount Tabor Reservoir went:

I walk by City Hall every day. Monday night I noticed the landscaping (on the SW 5th Avenue side) was being watered. The following morning the landscaping was still being watered, as well as in the late afternoon (after work). Wednesday I walked by in the morning, twice around lunchtime and again after work. Sprinklers still going strong. This morning they are either still on or on again. My bet is that the switch hasn't been moved.

So, the water bureau can recoup the lost money by charging City Hall for all of the sprinkler use -- in fact they may even be MAKING money. (Someone please invent a sarcasm font so I can use it here.)

Apparently the groundskeepers down there haven't read the water bureau's ample library of water conservation propaganda. Or maybe the Sam Rand Twins' magic beans are at an important germination stage.

Comments (4)

And all this time I thought that Portland's homeless street people were watering (mainly at night so as to not be seen)the plants around City Hall. Urination from the source, either way.

Hey, CoP: Don't sprinkle on my shoes and tell me it's raining.

CoP makes rules for OTHER people that they don't have to follow.

Tell Sam to set all the thermostats to 60/80 and lock them.

That sprinkle isn't rain.

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