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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mr. Edwards, please get out of our sight

This man, in whom we once foolishly put our trust, needs to plead guilty, spend the next decade cleaning up his sorry life, and most importantly, never show his face in public again. If indicting him brings that last result about, great.

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Amen. I went in for Edwards in a big way. What a sap.

Now I'm wondering if I can file a claim for a refund as the money was conned out of me on false pretenses.

Somebody on Washington Week said he blew off a plea deal in favor of a trial. Could be time to give away the TV.

The gag factor is extremely high.

The guys a politician first and foremost. If you really expect him to fix character flaws at this stage of the game, good luck.

It'd be like Sam telling us he is not lying or Obama telling us how great the economy is whne it really sucks.

These guys honestly believe no matter what they tell us people will buy it.

Now I am really glad I turned off the cable TV!

I am sure he's telling the truth. This time.

But seriously, he can't plead guilty to a felony. His NC law license is in jeopardy.

Steve: "These guys honestly believe no matter what they tell us people will buy it."

The folks that voted for Hope and Change did.

It's going to be a tough case to prove, though. An Enronish jerkfest. Another backwards-looking sideshow spectacle while the really big national crimes underway on Wall Street and in D.C. slide along their merry way.

His NC law license is in jeopardy.

He doesn't really want to practice law, does he? What jury would give him another payday?

I read the tell-all book by the aide who pretended to be the FOB. My husband likes to insulate himself from such upleasantness, and looked down his nose at the book, grumbling about my wasting money just to get depressed. Then he heard me, over the next several days, squealing and convulsing and frothing and swearing. That prompted him to pry around a little bit. Just a few lines was enough. He said something like: "jesus...I read a couple of pages...it's much worse than anything I ever imagined..."

I like the idea of stripping white collar criminals of their riches- bag the whole idea of locking them up. Put a chastity belt on them if you really want to punish them. In Edwards case, I am at a total loss to imagine a just punishment. People who are so destructive to the country through their criminal narcissism should maybe just be left on a boat off the shore of Somalia.

You guys are lucky, we here in NC have to put up with the disgusting idea that he is living in our state.

The prosecution of Edwards while the banker and Wall Street scam artists coast does raise some questions about the DOJ's political agenda. Not saying Edwards is snything worth believing in but the Feds are stretching the concept of campaign contributions quite a bit. So much so that a former FEC big shot is on the Edward's defense team. But the rule of law in America becomes more tricky by the hour.

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