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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Maybe the Paul Bunyan statue can kill it and eat it

Tri-Met has come up with the perfect art work for one of the stations for the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. I kid you not, here it is:

If the $1.5 billion* of public money that's being blown on the new MAX line doesn't give you nightmares, that thing surely will.

* - Preliminary liars' budget. The bridge design isn't anywhere close to finished, and the funding is still sketchy, but the Tri-Met crew is rushing ahead with construction, before the public can come to its senses. This is how things go very, very wrong.

Comments (38)

When I saw the picture, I thought you were joking, but you really are not. Absolutely frightening. Are they trying to scare children?

Why don't they put something people can relate to. for instance, statues of a character from the Simpsons at each stop. Be kind of fun, friendly, interesting to the general public/tourists, and have a local tie in.

Instead they go with horror.

I would like to know why local artists are not being given the opportunity to compete for 'a place of honor' on this project?
Why is an Iranian artist who does not live here being selected?
That THING is worse than the totems in the Pearl.

Looks like something a committee of bureaucrats would come up with.

Remember the Simpsons monorail episode?

Hopefully it will be vandalized early and often. What an ugly piece of...

My art suggestion...a very large toilet with thousand dollar bills being flushed down the drain.

That thing is terrifying.

The entire MAX line is beginning to look like my grandma's attic.

How did we ever elect so many people with such poor taste? State-sponsored art worked well for the Nazis (yes, I've gone ahead and said it!)

It looks like a four-legged Budda with horns. Someone call it racist and put a stop to it.

It looks like a Bambi/Teletubbies hybrid.

I think a Cinderalla/Courtney Love hybrid would be more appropriate.

Am I the only person disturbed by how much this resembles the forest god from the movie "Princess Mononoke"? (As for why this is going in, never assume that having lots of money leads to a corresponding increase in artistic taste. Come to Dallas and view all of the horrible artwork "donated" to the city by our various robber barons. Nine times out of then, the donation comes with severe strings, usually involving nice quiet contributions to a particular city politician's campaign fund or matching funds for a particularly slick piece of political pork. It might be time to see if the "artist" of this monstrosity is either a grandchild or a girlfriend/boyfriend of someone in a similar position in Portland, or just someone who wants to get it the hell out of his art investment portfolio.)

I am the egg man. I am the walrus.

I am the happy hideous genetic mutation...

Looks like an artsy Pacific Rim version of the Jagermeister logo:

Perhaps Trimet got there idea from this: http://bit.ly/m9UUuh and they decided to scale back a little.

It looks like a scary float from Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

Only if it's a giant pinata, and we can blast it with pumpkin trebuchets after the ribbon cutting.

I f'ing love it (and I'm not joking)!!!It's better than most of what passes for art around these parts. Have you seen what they've 'created' in the (park) for the Couch St. couplet? Have you seen the 'found objects' sculptures in Chinatown? I'm not sure what's going on there at all, but I know it's absolute trash. I think this is modern, fun, creative, and appropriate for this part of the country. You all haters must be the same people that don't ge the Portland building.

Oversized, imposing, meaningless. Baby-faced and unself-consciously gratified, mindless of its audience, mindless of its physical menace. I love it. It's the perfect visual representation of overly empowered bureaucratic administrators. The artist has given them a monument to themselves and they must build it. I earnestly love it.

Why don't we just hang the politicians up by their big toes at all of the plazas? Tell the kids they're just animated piƱatas.

Sad thing is that Trimet is supposedly doing another fare hike soon.

A suitable monument for the project because it is so hideous.

Sure is breathtaking...

Sure fits right in, with all being done around here for the children.

It reminds me of the horrible "mascots" countries create for the Olympics.

When I first glanced at that giant stag monster, I thought it had a butt face. Apropos. They should just stuff it with $1,000 bills and set it on fire -- a new Portlandia festival could be born: "Burning Scam"!

You all haters must be the same people that don't get the Portland building.

You're mistaken...

We hate BambiZilla - and the Portland building - because we DO get it...

...in the shorts.

More than just the twice you posted.

Calm down, man.

One of the several reasons I dislike the Portland Building is that it leaks; Will this thing leak, too?

I'd forgotten how ugly the Portland Building is.

Let's put this teletubbie deer on top of the Portland building.
It will complement the White Stag Sign...LOOK! Iconic!



La-La Roid



I find it hard to comprehend why public funds would be expended on artistic fail on such a scale at a time when we can't build sidewalks around our public schools for lack of funding.

Put a bird on it!

From the "O" Article:

"Behind, the scenes, however, TriMet's efforts to get the permits and paperwork in order before Nebraska-based Kiewit Bridge and Marine breaks ground today have been a blur."

The same folks that brought you the East Side Tunnel Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)Project are building the infamous bridge.
This should come in under budget.

10,000 years from now, after the great global warming/cooling apocalypse, our human decedents will dig this thing up and start worshiping it.

I get it, this is an anti drug ad-statue public service message right?

Kids, this is your government (embodied in Rudolph the too happy reindeer) on drugs, any questions?

It's a Trojan Deer and a bunch of planners inside.
Save the children!

Straight out of Stephen King.

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