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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maybe it's some kind of "sustainability" move

It's bad when you find important stuff out for the first time looking at Google Maps:

Does this mean the whole "freedom fries" thing is over?

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The camel finally has it's nose under the tent.

That's a chameau, thank you very beaucoup.

Aujourd'hui route trente. Demain le monde!

Great. Maybe we'll get Canada-style health care soon.

Google is working on it.

I happened upon this gem on google maps the other day. Either someone forgot their keys or this is the world's worst burglar.

The neighbors seem o.k. with it (the action's to your right).

I saw that the other day and thought the city did another street name change. I was waiting for them to change the signage and put in bike paths.

This is all part of the North American Union. Google being part of the NSA is just a bit ahead of the game.

The first time I saw that goof was over in East Portland, but I've seen it on various Interstate highways elsewhere - not just in Portland either...

Maybe it's the Bloc Quecbois (or whatever the heck they are called) finally winning...

The renaming was rushed through City Council a few weeks ago to honor the contributions to multicultural diversity made by monsieur Route. Council learned from the reaction to past renamings by choosing to rename a freeway that not only has no residents or businesses (and thus no addresses), but that isn't even within its jurisdiction to rename.

Google's error is actually tied to all of U.S. 30, from Astoria to Atlantic City.

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