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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lucky us

When our smart-aleck nephew won our football pool last winter, he directed that part of his winnings be donated to the George Bush Library Foundation. Not only did it get a bunch of readers' goats, but since we wrote the check, we are now on the mailing list for this:

Young people nowadays. (Sigh.)

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Being conservative is all that's left for young radicals. (Sigh)

If they also sent you another pitch for money, it's usually accompanied with a postage-paid envelope. Just stuff everything back in the envelope and write across your name and address to be taken off their mailing lists.

And to think you could have sent a money order with a made-up name!

Don't knock it, Jack. You can use the card to join the Skull and Bones Society.

You just brightened what was already a pretty happy day for me Jack.

Now all you need is a Sarah Palin exercise sweatband and a Bill O'Reilly "American Patriot" doormat and you'll be good to go.

I met a mom last night who expressed her disappointment that her young, 19-year old son had just joined the Republican Party and was relocating to Denver.

He didn't feel very welcome here in Portland, and wanted to start fresh where there were a few more opportunities.

I simply smiled, and said: "those kids!"

Jack: that is really funny.


Mike: I'm willing to bet his chances of getting a job will be better in Denver than Portland regardless of his political leanings..

Not surprising. Almost anything beats hanging out with leftists, AKA, "the windiest militant trash", as the great poet and essayist W.H. Auden once famously said.

That said, the only occasion when someone's politics made me feel personally ill was an interaction I had with someone on the recall-Adams doom-ship. I met a Christian who thought gays should be killed. I spent much of the afternoon curled up in bed.

At least he didn't say "Gayes should be killed."

Bill; since I know Gaye; I am still laughing out loud at your wonderful comment.

Hey, your nephew has a great sense of humor!

You should be happy - At least a library named after you implies some attempt at literacy.

Marvin Gaye has already been killed by his father (also Gaye).

I love it! I like the kid!

Now Jack you have really done it!
Those Jack haters now have proof positive you are on the Dark Side, I'm sure a copy of this is now already in your file at City Hall.

At least it's 41, who played beisbol for Yale.

Speaking of beisbol, specifically the quaint ritual of the All Star Game:

"Fans also can write in players such as Darwin Barney. He was not included on the original ballot, which was submitted before the season began. Barney leads all Major League rookies in hits, multi-hit games and batting average."

Perhaps your generous nephew can be persuaded to cast his ballot for this Beaver of yore, hero, among many, of the national championship years in Corvallis? The young require injustices to confront and reverse, although the primary unfairness of playing for the Wrigley squad appears, again this year, beyond reach.

Man, but that is ever funny. I, too, am glad it's 41, who I always felt like was a smart, well-meaning dude who disagreed with me a lot. 43--well, I have different feelings. But nonetheless, I give your nephew loads of credit for humor. (And you too, Jack, for seeing the humor therein.)

Young people nowadays. (Sigh.)

Face it, Jack: young people anydays...

The worst thing about the young people is how much younger they are.

If I may be granted a special dispensation...


George Bernard Shaw: "Youth is wasted on the young."

Just remember Bush 41 gave us Clarence Thomas....


Could be worse: it could have been with the George W. Bush Presidential Library. (It's actually quite fun watching Southern Methodist University running itself into the ground putting together that new library. Of particular note is the parking issue, so SMU bought out the owners of a local and very popular strip mall in order to offer sufficient parking. In return, the school will have to pay the projected revenues of said strip mall for ten years after it's demolished. Considering this includes the official school textbook store and a VERY popular local restaurant, I hope like hell the library gift shop sells enough "Dick and Dubya Do America" posters to cover the expense.)

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