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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's hope he's right

"Adams said he can't win...."

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"Adams and Fritz established a 32-member committee to advise them on the new office"

Portland is just self parody at this point.

It's Portland's reality version of "52-pickup" -- what a bunch of expensive goofy maniacs.

I thought experimentation on human beings required their informed consent, btw.

In Portland, Adams' plan comes amid reports in The Oregonian of an audit that found widespread rental discrimination against African Americans and Latinos, and broad displacement since 2000 of minorities from central neighborhoods.

There is a reason for that displacement. Its called "gentrification." And Adams and his developer buddies are the ones behind it.

Next year's headline:

Mayor fires Office of Equity 32 member advisory committee
Cites need for committee with "more experience" in GLBTQWTFBBQ issues

I wonder what Portland would look like if there were some adults running the show. Of course, if that were to happen, our famous bumper sticker would be out of place.

Mayor Creepy is a "whiney pee pants". He behaves like a depraved 2 year old stomping his foot and declaring he "can't win" when ever there is any criticism. Which is nearly all the time these days.

Lessee, all-white city council feels guilty and thinks Human Rights Commission isn't getting enough press for next year's elections.

Voila, like re-naming an apartment with a bad history, lets invent an Office of Equity with no goals, but a $1.1M to blow on lunches, reports and meetings.

Portland is beyond self parody. They're serious now.

The print version this morning is headlines:

Mission still fuzzy for Office of Equity

Couldn't this be a headline?:

Mission still fuzzy for Office of Mayor

Sammy told the press that he can't win? This is great news, as it indicates he finally realizes what most of us have long known - he's a loser. Give me or nearly every other person on the planet $1 million, and I'd have some kind of equity program up and running in a few months. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would exist. Give $1 million to Mayor Creepy, and you get more bioswales or nothing at all.

"We were criticized in this case for not having it figured out ahead of time."

What has creepy ever given any serious thought to ahead of time? The leaf fee, a Memorial Coliseum plan, a dalliance with a 17 year ahead of running for office........

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