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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I want my MTV (and I want it now)

How much extra a month are you paying to the electric company just so that your cable box powers up instantly, rather than taking a minute or two, the way your computer does?

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Also unplug anything with a clock, and the devices that charge up your cell phones. I think I read someplace that 35% of the electricity used in the USA is from "instant on" stuff.
At our off the grid property and on our boat where we are using solar panels and batteries to run our electrical devices, not only do we turn off the lights, but we unplug what we are not using. Not a big deal, and we have all the power we need...and yes we use an electric fridge, toaster, hairdryer, etc.

Both are on constant idle, so not something I really need or have to pay for. I don't think I have ever turned my computer off, and though I often turn the TV down, it is rarely off.

Not wasting money on cable (or satellite) TV is a good start toward saving the electricity $$$$.

POwer strips with easily accessed ON - OFF rocker switches for your stereo components, TVs etc are technically simple.

There is land line phone unit with a digital answering machine which I will not unplug, though.


You can get up to three similar devices on one remote with somebody else's version of this.

My main computers are always on, though the screens shut off. Maintenance operations don't need 'em. Maybe we just got shot in the butt with luck, but the dvr doesn't run full-tilt boogie all night long either. Even the subwoofer shuts down when it's not pumping bass.

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