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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ho hum, another North Portland shooting

This one last night near Fremont and Albina. That's getting awfully close to food court territory. Hipsters, beware!

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Maybe if one of the Creative Class/Cool People gets harmed, Sam will finally take real action instead of throwing out a tweet.

He wouldn't know what action to take.

Meanwhile, downstate in another town, maybe it was a Creative/Cool person shot. For teasing ... a rightwing theo-crazy uncultured-rage nutjob:

Paper: Man shot coworker over 'rapture' teasing, By Associated Press via the Eugene Register Guard, Jun 28, 2011

Teasing! How Creative/Cool is that? Yet how else can we reasonable persons deal with the bent-brain Larscult splinter group obsessed with a strategy for social nihilism by means of info('news') regulatory Authority? "... better watch what you say, notsay what you might ...."

Perhaps Portland has been assigned some mayhem mercenary (from 'afar') to agitprop some civil distress, stir up trouble including by random violence. This (vast scheme 'conspiracy') might seem totally preposterous if it wasn't the first written instruction in the operator's manual for 'government' overthrow ... published by that group, those ones 'afar' from here&now who are Instituted to vast-scheme conspire to overthrow, it's their job ....

It is difficult (life) for those who take Authority to be truth, (like, "the authoritative 'guy' on the radio SAID the rapture WOULD happen"), instead of handling the Truth to be authoritative.

Relax. Hipsters in skinny jeans present a very small target.

The victim has been identified -- and arrested.

I seriously struggle to get home from work before the bullets start flying.

A couple weeks ago I said that as a joke.

The only reason I can see for the city's leaders not caring their #1 priority (making sure the voters aren't gunned down in public DAILY) - is that they are cowards.

I have more faith that Rodney King simply going on live TV and uttering those words "Can't we all just get along" will do more to quell gang violence in Portland than ANYTHING that Sam Adams can, would, or might do.

I just finished a bunch of days sitting on a jury in a criminal trial.
What a freakin' circus. Stupid criminal, jurors that could not reason there way out of a bag and an attorney that wasn't prepared. I can't even speak to the police officers incompetence.
Only bright spot was the judge.
And to top it off I rode the Max everyday.
I kept thinking that I would have a better chance at justice if I got mugged on the corner of Mississippi and Shaver than in a court room.

Some wonder if "ho hum" is a gateway shrug to "ha ha."

Potential School Shooter Gunned Down By Popular Jock, theOnion video.

And it is inconceivable that an out-sized criminal Conspiracy of Powermad Crazies in a reign of terror fear could silence normal folks, but, like ....
Two Dozen More Bodies Found In Lake Wobegon, theOnion

LAKE WOBEGON, MN — "It's gonna be hard to get the School Choir concert together if that's Ms. Falconer’s chopped-off head bobbing up and down out there," said a resident ....
It remains completely implausible that any Global Deceit scheme could fool all of humankind's collective common sense.

In The Know: Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit
... or not.

As far as I can tell, everything Sam Adams does actually aggravates the disadvantaged and those already angry.

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