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Friday, June 17, 2011

Have a great weekend

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Pat cherishes another new standard - thanks, Jack.

I don't normally click on your music links, but I'm glad I did this time. Insanely cool.

Very nice Jack. Thanks.
Their is something about hearing a song you know well, played soft, reverently,and almost cautiously that brings out the memories of many years.

Jack, great stuff.
I thought you would enjoy Chris Proctor and his cover of CSNY's "Ohio" from his session at the Taylor Guitar Workshop.
The finger tapping is amazing.
Watch the first 7:30 or so, he performs "Ohio", then discusses his technique.


I watched the webcam of the watering hole in Botswana, then I went right outside just now and saw the International Space Station go over Portland. Then I played this. And you know what? It all sort of tied together and made sense.
I think it's about working a little harder to feel the magic as you get older. You've got to go looking - it doesn't come by easily anymore.
The wind was blowing in Africa around the watering hole. The beasts were really jumpy. The animals looked around and worried that the lions were about to pounce. The ISS was hurtling along over a world in grave danger of economic revolution. I heard a sentence in my head, "They want to break us apart and buy up the pieces."

And yet there's still the soothing music to make everything seem okay. Nice video, Jack.

Beautiful. Pat Metheny is an outstanding composer and musician. I saw the Pat Metheny Group play about 25 years ago at UMass Amherst. It made me realize what music might sound like in heaven.

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