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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hales: "I did it for love" (or maybe not)

This is a pretty funny response by Charlie Hales, the Portland mayoral candidate who just Dudleyed himself. It wasn't the thousands and thousands of tax dollars he saved by not paying Oregon taxes on his out-of-state income. Oh no -- he claimed Washington residency for tax purposes only because he loves his wife and moved to her house up there. So let's just forget about it and elect him mayor.

Most comical of all, he's still hedging his bets:

If my tax preparer's review, which I requested, shows the need to correct the original returns, that will be done.

Wow. Charlie, you either legitimately lived in Washington for those years, breaking Oregon election law, or you still lived in Oregon and you broke the Oregon tax law. Neither is acceptable. But the hemming and hawing is making it worse. You need to pick one story and go with it. If you can't even account for your own home address, you're not fit to be mayor.

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Clearly he has the stuff to be OUS Chancellor though!

Maybe he'll split the diff and declare himself actually homeless all that time. More believable than his yarns so far. Go by time machine!

Now cut that out. What Charlie did was perfectly legal; you can vote in Oregon elections as long as you maintain a skateboard or a bicycle somewhere within the state. He's covered.

Well, if Oregon has a US senator whose family lives in NY, Charlie must have thought he could do this too..... Of course, not all pols are created as equals when it comes to how laws are enforced.

During the Wiener fiasco I heard a commentator say something interesting when quizzed about the apparent "double standard" when liberals (Clinton/Wiener et al) are caught in sexcapades vs. Republicans (Larry Craig/Mark Stanford et al).

She said that liberal tax cheats are more akin to right wing sexual miscreants. You cannot preach at people about something then do the opposite and expect a pass.

There's a perfectly logical explanation for this. The Honorable Mr. Hales simply exercised the judgment of Solomon. He paid the Washington income tax and the Oregon sales tax.

"...Tax the fellow behind the tree."

Boggles the mind that he couldn't see this coming.

It would be interesting to check with the Clark County voter registration folks for the the various Washington addresses to see if Charlie was also registered in Washington at the times in question.

Liars can become Portland's mayor!

Liars can become Portland's mayor!

Liars Liarson or just liars in general?

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