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Monday, June 20, 2011

"Green," right down to the lunch carts

They haven't even broken ground yet on the Oregon Sustainability Center, but already Portland State University's nutritional experts have begun planning the menu for the innovative communal food court that is expected to be located on the ground floor of the building near the streetcar stop. The entree selections, designed to reinforce the LEED-platinum facility's overarching theme of "net-zero" waste, are being described as "predominantly Asian fusion." They're previewed here.

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Anybody reading Sam's tweets should already be used to the taste of Soylent Brown. I can see the ads for the food court: "Mr. Hanky: He's What's For Dinner!"

Yo! You gonna eat that?

I was not prepared to read that! Ugh!

Well, that's sustainable all right.

Won't work. They need to be locavores - Eat fish from the Willamette during sewage spills and drink for the Mt Tabor reservoir after "relief" episodes.

The only thing good about the Sustainability center is the thermostats set at 60/80 - Maybe Sam could adopt that for every city office?


The "Sustainability Center" is already green; there's no need for construction.

I walk through that empty parking lot each morning on my way from the bus stop, past the Streetcar stop, along the Streetcar line, to my building. Thanks to my walking, and riding a bus that gets better fuel mileage (on a per-passenger basis) than 90% of the Toyota Priuses I pass every day with just ONE sole occupant in them, I put out fewer carbon emissions than the Streetcar does buying power from PGE's Boardman Power Plant. Plus, by TriMet's refusal to buy new buses, the carbon footprint involved in the manufacture of a new bus (and transporting that new bus to Portland) is saved; while the Streetcars currently in service were built in Eastern Europe, presumably with very dirty coal or nuclear power.

"Soylent green is people! It's people!"

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