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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good in the 'hood

We've been meaning to send a shout out to a couple of guys who have contributed to this site over the years. My friend Doug the Mountain Climber, whose photos have graced this blog and its masthead many times, is finally getting his wonderful imagery recognized. He's part of a formal show coming up this Friday evening at the Portland Art Museum's rental sales gallery. Mazel, dude.

Then there's designer Bill Badrick, who hasn't thought inside the box in a long time. Remember his idea for a eco-roof covered bridge across the Columbia? Anyway, his slogan, and his illustration of his bridge idea, were honored by the site Infrastructurist as the best offered to jazz up an Urban Land Institute report on the sorry state of our nation's infrastructure. Bill's always got a good tip for us, and we're pleased to see somebody else notice that he's got vision. Way to go, Bill.

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