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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Godot with the rebound!

The Blazers continue the absurdity of talking about a serious pro basketball career for Greg Oden and his legs of glass. It's gotten a little creepy.

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Not back till 2012, but we have to decide by June 30 whether to make a qualifying offer to him. Awesome....

Oden makes the selection of Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan seem not quite so bad by comparison.

Oh, Durant.

counseling and intervention , so thats what strippers do...
Send him on to Cho , and his boss MJ

Face to make Betty White look young. Check.

Significant injury every year of his playing career. Check.

Big men degenerate steadily after significant injury. Check.

Never had much of an offensive game. Check.

Today's NBA demands athleticism to excel on defense. Check.

Level of athleticism of expected upon possible return-see above.

Sanity of long term deal-see Brandon Roy(minus actual achievements).

This comes from his agent. Maybe they are just trying to scare the captainless blazer's away from the offer so he can get fresh start somewhere else.

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