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Thursday, June 9, 2011

God help America, cont'd

Now the federal Education Department has its own jackboots.

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Am I glad that this wasn't going on 13 years ago, when my now-ex defaulted on her student loan. (As she told me later, "they stopped calling me, so I thought I didn't have to pay it any more.) Getting her remaining balance garnisheed from my income tax refund checks for the next two years was bad enough.

Commit "waste, fraud, and abuse" on a small scale by defaulting on student loans they send an armored truck with a SWAT team in it to your house.

Commit "waste, fraud, and abuse" on a massive scale that nearly collapses the economy and they send an armored truck full of cash to your business.

Weird really isn't working.

More Stalinist tactics coming to your home soon!
I have this theory that those little micro chips that people put in their pets to "find" them if they are lost, is just the first step to acceptance of micro chipping all babies.
401ks were the 1st step to privatizing Social Security.

Gee, maybe all the B-O types that love quoting Grover Norquist and his bathtub analogy can take note of what happens when you just let govt do what it wants and get as big as it wants.

They need to be sent over to the CRC luxury offices that are costing $35,000 per month to see how they spent $150 million and have no records who got checks or what it paid for.

Watch this forensic auditors power point presentation here:


This raid was a really big deal because Department of Eduction was looking for
records and correspondence.
How else would you expect the authorities to secure these except by beating people up?

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