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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get out the Breathalyzer

A block from City Hall, the mayor makes a weird move in a city-owned Prius, and a bicyclist comes crashing into him. (No, it wasn't Fred Armisen.)

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Oh, man...

A bike on car accident in european inspired multimodal heaven? C'est imposible!

I spent today's lunch hour watching the transit cops pull over unsuspecting tourists driving on the "wrong" side of the road on the bus mall. As the skateboarders and bikes whiz by (in the same lanes) undeterred.

I couldn't discern if they were writing tickets, or warnings. A huge waste of "I told you so" manpower either way.

Hopefully, it didn't ruin the new Brazillian wax job on that Prius.

Teed up. Swing away, people.

Breathalyzer just the start. Getting into an accident in a company vehicle, no matter how minor, triggers an immediate drug test, at least everywhere I've ever worked. if it's the same policy for the city, he should be submited to a UA straight after the incident.

Is it possible for Amy Ruiz to come off as anything other than petulant and defensive?

Really! You just CAN'T write stuff like this!

Is Ruiz the Mercury "reporter" who followed up on the Breedlove saga and was then hired by Adams and so quit the story?

A crash involving a bicyclist and the mayor in a Prius. Oh, the irony! Better check to see if his pants were zipped up this time, too.

I'm no fan of Sam Adams, but the bicyclist rear ended him. Probably not the first time something like that has happened.

It's not very green to drive from City Hall to Lincoln High School. It's like 10 blocks.

Breathalzyer's a waste of time. She clearly was sober.

Unlike your last typist, I guess.

Sam Adams headlines - keeping Portland weird all the time

A bike on car accident in european inspired multimodal heaven? C'est impossible!

Mais oui, pour les enfants!

"Can't we all just get along?"


Um...no. The laws of physics always apply; Ya' know, like rock/paper/scissors.

(P. S. Ya' might want to lower the volume.)

Pom mom, please never use "Sam Adams" and "rear-ended him" in the same sentence. Please.

What a charade this city hall is. The Mayor and his fellow commissars set about making it significantly more difficult to negotiate city streets driving a car, trying to encourage walking and biking. And here you have the mayor making a trip in a car going only about 10 blocks (KGW reports he was headed to Lincoln High School). It's only about a ten minute walk, which I readily do myself all the time and prefer to do when such short distance is involved.

Weird only works at city hall.

Lincoln High School was his destination? I hope they were on lockdown.

The mayor was clearly at fault. After all, he was the one in the car. Bikes are never wrong.

Anti-bullying event....attended by the mayor who bullied his whole electorate into voting for him. Sam says...

Vote for me! I'm special/you're special!I'm gay! Bob Ball is a vicious liar and must be a self-loather too, for playing on people's fears and nasty evil stereotypes of gays! I mentor confused teens! I'm green! I have chickens! Randy Leonard loves me! Amy Ruiz will sacrifice herself on my altar! I...I...

Wait a second. Sam is always preaching to take mass transit. He had ten blocks to travel. He has bus and light rail right in front of his office that connects right to Lincoln High. I guess only us peons have to abide by his preaching. Hypocrisy again.

Your Trip on TriMet
From Portland City Hall in Portland to Lincoln High School in Portland

Option 1: Your best bet
Time 15 minutes (including 12 minutes walking)
Transfers None
Fare Adult: $2.05

Start at Portland City Hall in Portland

Walk south from Portland City Hall (1220 SW 5th Ave) to SW Jefferson & 5th

1:02pm Board 45 To SW 16th & Jefferson

1:05pm Get off at SW Jefferson & 13th

Walk 0.3 mile northwest to Lincoln High School (1600 SW Salmon St)

Ruiz said Adams had a green light and was about to turn onto Fourth Avenue when a pedestrian approached through the intersection.

Isn't it against the law to enter the crosswalk with your vehicle if there are pedestrians using it? Why did Adams have to stop so suddenly as to cause someone to rear end him? At the very least, it seems like he wasn't paying attention.

Which of the following is most likely to happen?
1) Scam Adams is cited for entering an intersection while pedestrians are crossing;
2) Cyclist is cited for following too closely;
3) Scam Adams revives self-imposed No Driving restriction and touts Portland street car as safest mode of transportation;
4) Portlandia writers cut and paste Oregon Live article and comments to finish script for next episode.

Chuck--my husband works for the City and was in a car accident in a City car a year or two ago. The City does not require drug testing after vehicle accidents.

Old Zeb -- Magnificent post!

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