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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fukushima web cam addresses keep changing

If, like us, you check in on the live video from the meltdown at Fukushima from time to time, you might have noticed that the addresses that were working a while back are now dead. But the feeds are still going. The distant cam set up by a Tokyo television station is now here. The much closer (but still not all that revealing) cam set up by the plant operator, Tokyo Electric (a.k.a. Tepco), is now here.

Meanwhile, a bunch of strontium-90, with a half-life of 29 years, has been picked up more than 38 miles away from the trashed reactors. The official evacuation zone is only about 13 miles around the plant.

And Tepco is now planning to release radioactive water from another reactor complex into the ocean. These guys are just one bad news item after another.

Many people in Japan are going to have to decide how much contamination they are willing to spend the rest of their lives avoiding or ignoring. And alas, many others will have no choice in the matter.

Comments (3)

How much is a "Bunch" of Strontium 90? Radiation in solution is measured in becquerels or curies per ml. I'm sure the solution will dilute satisfactorily in the big ol' Pacific. We do use Strontium 90 as a therapy for cancer, and I'm sure plenty is flushed down the toilets of the world everyday by people who have received treatment. Large amount have been released into the atmosphere during nuclear testing, and unfortunately dumped into the Columbia River by Hanford. The fact remains it is becoming a non issue, and it is being dealt with, and Japan is taking care of it. But as long as alarmists keep publishing rumor, and unquantifiable measurements it is really a disservice to all involved.

Mark, since you work in the nuclear industry, you have zero credibility with me. And your foolish comments here are not helping.

Japan is not "taking care of" jack squat. They will not recover from Fukushima for 50 years, or maybe ever.

"The big ol' Pacific"? Great science, Mark. "It's already being flushed down toilets." So that makes it right? Or safe?

Strontium-90 deposition 60 km away from Fukushima will only become a non-issue if the toads in the industry get away with selling that line to the public. Unfortunately for you, this disaster is so huge that you don't have a chance of pulling that off.

It's over, Mark. Nuclear power is over for the rest of your life. As well it should be.

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