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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feds to investigate Portland police

The civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice is coming out to Portland to launch a major investigation into an alleged pattern of civil rights abuses by the city's police bureau.

It's about time. There's so much blood on that bureau's hands. No one in the state seems to want to do anything about its mean streak. Maybe a swat team from D.C. can force some real change.

In the meantime, imagine the sideshow as the city's hopeless mayor, who currently runs the police department, struggles to get himself re-elected through all of the scrutiny. If the feds know what they're doing, they'll take a cue from the FBI and keep him a minimum of a football field away at all times.

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This is long overdue. However, the cynic in me wonders if their work will mirror the Oregon AG's office.

Will the FBI take Sam away?
Oh Please! Oh Please!

I was going to ask why Kroger wasn't in the forefront of this investigation. But then I thought about it and remembered.

As for PN's comment: I, too, would love to see Sam and Randy perp-walked out of City Hall.

What's so discouraging about Portland is that the people who would at least have a real shot at fixing the city -- you know, plans, ideas, actual "progressive" solutions instead of the "give us more money" panacea we're currently stuck with -- probably couldn't get elected. Which is a sad commentary on the depth and breadth of the basic corruption and moral bankruptcy that permeates every level of local government.

I hope they know that a whitewash will only throw gas on the fire. It is not possible to be too cynical when it comes to these feds. Ask Brandon Mayfield if you don't understand that.

For more information on the Portland Police Bureau, check out this link to "Get to Know Your Police Officers":

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