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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Earl the Pearl staying in D.C.

He won't be running for mayor, so that he can keep funneling federal money back to Portlandia for streetcars and trains to nowhere. If he gets us many more good deals, soon we'll be broke.

With Saltzman and Blumenauer both out, look for Jeff "This is the Future, My Friend" Cogen to jump in, and get the Willy Week endorsement.

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Did Earl tweet his private areas to someone else, too? That apparently sunk Weiner's chance to run NYC.

Earl's idea of an obscene tweet is his SUV keys.

If he's really feeling frisky he sends a picture of his bow tie.

Earl's idea of an obscene tweet is his SUV keys

From portlandfacts.com/earl/earlinsuv.htm

Do as I say, not as I do!...again

While you don’t need Blumenauer to run against Adams it could help if he would do one of his bikey appearances with the incumbent mayor to get hizzoner drummed out of office.

Of course, he's not running for mayor.

Judging from his on-high pronouncements, Earl views himself as a true prophet whose vision and spotless virtue would only be sullied by actually having his theories tested in the arena of public opinion.

Earl is as close to representative-for-life as it gets in Congress, a comfortable back-bencher who can say anything, do anything knowing that he'll not be denied re-election. After all, it's been more than 30 years since the 3rd district had a competitive race.

Now, as one of the lesser lights of a minority party, Earl can continue doing what he's doing in virtual perpetuity.

Six-figure salary? Check.
Guaranteed income for life? Check.
Lifetime health benefits? Check.
Accountable to no one? Check.

Why screw all that up by running for mayor?

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