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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't forget to add #steroids

Only in Portlandia: The new cop cars are going to have a Twitter address painted on the back.

I wish I were making this up.

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I am genuinely confused. Why the Twitter tag? Are we supposed to tweet where/when we saw bad guys to help the cops do their jobs? Are we supposed to grab our smart phones and sign up for the PPD twitter feed because we saw it on a cop car? Why? WHY?!?

They should also have a link to the PPB's Facebook, LiveJournal, and MySpace pages.

Don't forget a dial-up number for the folks without DSL or cable-internet.

They ought to paint the occupants' names, badge numbers and the results of their latest urinalysis.


You can bet the twitter address goes away after people report on their shenanigans in real time.

What caliber of law enforcement professionals can we look forward to that will want to be employed by the lunacy that is Portlandia?

Does anyone subscribe to these Twitters? If they do, they do realize merely repeating the same half-truths multiple times from multiple sources doesn't make them true.

Hello 1984 and Ministry of Truth. DOn't laugh - It's true.

The only Portland police Twitter feed you need is http://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/pdxpolice

So funny how they refer to it as a "twitter address"; rather, it's a "username. Oh yes, and "my website is on Facebook". Ah, the internets for the masses.

I would say this idea is retarded, but that would be an insult to the mentally challenged.

Maybe the city should use Twitter for its emergency communications system instead.

Another stumptown triumph of Style over Substance.

When Twitter goes the way of all other faddish "technology", I suppose they'll paint over it? Maybe they should put PPB's Friendster page there? Their Lycos home page? Their Yahoo group page? Their Livejournal page? Their Myspace page?

The list goes on. Good god. #ImpayingforaPPBTwitteraccount

So funny how they refer to it as a "twitter address"; rather, it's a "username. Oh yes, and "my website is on Facebook"

Yes, funny, because (a) the Twitter thing is actually *both* an "address" and a username--to the sender, it's an address, to the user, it's a username. and (b), you actually *do* create a "website" on Facebook, by creating an account, customizing the page, adding photos, messages, etc. It's a site, on the web. A web site.

Welcome to being part of the masses.

I think PPB should use their Geocities website link instead.

Coming soon: an E-Twiter service tax to all internet providers within Portland to pay for the Twitter infrastructure needed to route your emergency Tweets to the Bureau of Internet Communications (formerly BOEC, the people that used to answer the phones when you called 9-1-1.)

Oh, and 9-1-1 is going away...declining call volume because us young folk don't have buttons on our iPhones. It's easier to call up Twitter than to figure out how to dial a phone number not stored as a contact.

BOEC- Interesting because Gresham PD found out the default is in French. So if you call 911 you had best be multi lingual. Another great program for Portland.

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