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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Chief Reese

Now that the Portland police bureau's Twitter name is going on the backs of the police cars, does that mean people should Tweet their emergencies, rather than calling 911? If not, don't you think that some people will misunderstand and do that anyway?

And whose idea is touting Twitter on the cars -- yours? Who's really running the police bureau, anyway?

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@PDXCOPS...I was just assaulted by street punks at Pioneer Courthouse Square while Clean and Safe officers looked the other way. How come we have rent-a-cops on duty five blocks away from Central Precint? How come the Boys-in-Blue never walk a beat in downtown Portland? Why not get them out of their cars on such a nice day: some of them clearly aren't getting enough exercise.

@Mister Tee - They probably don't walk beats because they are to busy getting complimentary soft drinks and shooting unarmed citizens in the back out in Southeast.

I loved the following quote from the Lindsay Hunt trial, “A forensic psychiatrist called by the city, though, said Hunt had a paranoid personality disorder, evidenced by her perfectionism and rigid ideals, traits not compatible to law enforcement."

Sam knows most Portland voters are not that smart. If he can get them to subscribe to the CoP Tweitter accounts, he can deluge them with all the great things CoP is doing with your tax dollars.

In addition, it lets him drown out any dissent.

90% of Twitter content is generated by 10% of its users. In Portland, that's likely 99%/1%. Either way, they should've put a bird on the car.

I am not sure whose idea it was to put the twitter address on the cars but it is quite clear that the police union is running the bureau.

This just came thru on the Twitter feed:

'PortlandPolice Portland Police
Please tell your friends to call 9-1-1 for emergencies and only tweet your questions to @portlandpolice. :)'

I'm speechless.....

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