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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cylviagate sleaze on parade

Two state-commissioned reports floating around today on the contracting scandal involving the governor's girlfriend are awfully disturbing: one for the ugly details it paints of official corruption, and the other for the breathtaking way it whitewashes the whole affair. In the end, nothing was done in the wake of the revelations other than funnel tax money to lawyers in the Old Boy Network. Ain't that the Oregon way?

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Why not just release the E Oregon judge's report that Ted commissioned?

Paid for with tax dollars, so FOIA?

At least we know the one lobbyist that pull Kitz' chain.

OOPS - Just went to the WEBsite, the reort is there.


Now, let's see -- what was I drinkin' to forget?
(with a nod to Virgil Partch).

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