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Monday, June 27, 2011

Charlie Hales lived in Camas '04 to '09!

Gong!!! And he reportedly lied about it.

Great news for Brady, and right about now old Cogen's getting ready to pull the trigger. His buddies at WW just rolled out the red carpet for him with that story.

See ya 'round, Charlie. Go by streetcar, buddy.

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Not that I'd vote for him anyway, but the fact that he'd rather live in Camas than in this funhouse actually earns him a couple points in my book.

It always mystifies me that these guys (I use that term in a genderless kind of way) assume they can get away with this kind of thing. Did he really not think that anyone would check to see where he lived? Duh.

And yet Georgia-Pacific didn't shut down the paper mill to redevelop the land for a "higher and better use", connecting downtown Camas and downtown Vancouver with a streetcar down SR 14?

I read some time ago that one of Metro's high-up managers - I believe its' Chief Executive - owned a house conveniently located just outside Metro's boundaries in Canby. Where all those really nice, really large homes, with the really large lots, the gated driveways are...where the maids and butlers have their own, detached residences from the main home.

"Do as I say, not as I do. What is good enough for you, is not good enough for me." - the motto of any politician in Portland area government. Just ask TriMet how many of its employees use TriMet for the majority of their trips...and why so many of their administrative staff rely on a not-small motor pool fleet.

Interesting that Hales bought a home in Pdx in 2007. What are the odds he was actually living here while still claiming to live in Camas? Could be legal problems in addition to electoral problems.

Erik H., there is a lot of that hypocrisy among the planning elite. We need to start documenting it.

I would love just to know how many of the professional planners at the city and Metro live in attached housing rather than single family housing. I'd wager that it is less than 10%.

I would also love to know how many of the employees of Metro (above the rank of clerical staff and the like) live in a Metro city OTHER than Portland. I'm guessing it is well under 20%.

"My house was in Camas, but my skateboard was in Sellwood."

He's been Dudleyed.

Interesting, too, that he felt compelled to lie about it for a week. that's a page right out of Sam Adams's playbook.

So, when does he burn down his Camas house?

The many Mayors of Portland have been lying to the Press since Neil Goldschmidt ran out of gas driving the babysitter home. It must be a prerequisite to the office by now.

It. Dumbfounds me why you portlanders continue to vote for these losers.the Democrats are all the same.

"Could be legal problems in addition to electoral problems."

How about the fact he was voting in OR on taxes he wouldn't pay because he lived in WA?

The race to the bottom continues apace.

Matthew - Mayor Frank Ivancie lied too and I'd hardly call him a Democrat (his post mayor job was a gig as a bureaucrat in the Reagan administration). Lying is what politicians do.... forget about party affiliation... they all lie

Hales lied?


His entire career has been one long lie about the whole Metro/TriMet-rail transit-new urbanism-smart growth-transit oriented development.

Now he's back in Portland lying about his previous lies and making up new lies about SoWa and everything he's already lied about.

His wholesale lies helped spearhead the era of the boondoggles in Portland.

His dishonesty is surpassed only by his incompetence.

No wonder he thinks he can be Mayor.
He's a perfect ift.

Anyone who even wants the job of Mayor might as well be certifiably insane at this point. The job is nothing but downside - huge debt, massive infrastructure repair backlogs, a crushing pile of contracts that you're beholden to with scumbag developers, and no real power to fix any of it due to our lovely system of council.

No wonder Tom Potter got the hell out when the getting was good.

...there is a lot of that hypocrisy among the planning elite. We need to start documenting it...

Not surprised, not at all.
These types only push plans for how others should live. They need to live in the density housing, some of it ghetto style, that they want for others to live in.

Hales was like a fox in the hen house as planning commissioner for changing good codes we had for livability and turning what was once our livable city into a much more negative place to live in. I doubt he would have run for Mayor if he hadn't thought he could slip right back in and get life pensions or to promote streetcar lines all over the city.

I hope this will put a stop to his being a "change agent" in this city again...
and by the way, he runs with hypocrisy -
as parks commissioner, he had no trouble selling a park for a huge housing development. Hales likes to create the image with the Friends of Trees that he likes trees, to plant street trees that is, but he had no problem whatsoever with his policy of cutting down huge firs and cedars out of our parks.

In my opinion he is ruthless in driving the agenda and with ease runs roughshod over citizen’s concerns – this got many to hope he would leave Portland and never return to politics. We have had more than enough of Hales and his “brand” of change here.
Go back to Camas!

Let's at least get the basic facts straight here. Charlie Hales got married to a woman who lived in Stevenson, not Camas. Her children were in school there and they decided to make her home their residence. He was working mainly outside of Oregon and Washington for his company, HDR. He paid income taxes in Washington, his principal residence. The laws on voting in Oregon allow someone like him to vote here. So what's the problem? This definitely isn't tax evasion or voter fraud. He complied with the laws of both states.

Well, for one thing, he never "paid income taxes in Washington," because there is no such tax.

And both the Oregon income tax law and the Oregon voter registration law turn on Oregon domicile, don't they? How are the two laws different? Are you telling us that he could vote in both Oregon and Washington? That sounds wrong.

(Not that Kate Brown would ever go after another Democratic Party politician for breaking the rules...)

And as for getting the basic facts straight, he told Willy Week two different stories about a week apart. Dumber than Dudley, I'd say.

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