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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another "green" scam

This one involves a car dealer selling you a new car but telling you it's used.

Calling John Kroger! Look in that barrel -- fish!

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Call Kroger?

He'd just muck it up.

Good luck finding a Chevy dealer in Oregon with Volts. GM is not shipping them to dealers in Oregon.

Last I looked, Kroger didn't have jurisdiction in California or Texas.

Maybe the EPA's climate change rap will pick up your spirits.


Good luck finding a Chevy dealer in Oregon with Volts

Here's a "used" Volt with 10 miles on it at Town and Country in Milwuakie


They want $51k for that Volt?? holy cow...$10k markup?

And since its "used"...they most likely already stole the rebate. Wow.

I actually saw a Volt parked near my house last night. It had Oregon plates. No idea where it came from, though.

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