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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another defector

The lush pastures of Portland government flackdom have drawn another reporter away from her once-proud, now-dilapidated professional home of many years. Government p.r. -- it's where journalists go to retire.

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Perfect timing.

This new communicator is needed to explain Multomah County's
commissioner Deborah Kafoury saying this:

"Now that Clackamas County voters have spoken, we will roll up our sleeves to try to complete this important project without their help. Safety concerns dictate that we must fix the badly deteriorated bridge, the busiest two-lane bridge in Oregon. Replacing the bridge must remain our top transportation priority."

Emphasizing "Replacing the bridge must remain our top transportation priority."

Yet as a member of JPACT Kafoury has yet to put the bridge on any list for funding.

Not even the same lists that funds Milwaukie Light Rail with $204 million.

So the expert explaination will be "top" means bottom?

To add insult to injury when these folks are brought into the government late career looking for a chunk of a public pension and subsidized lifetime post retirement health care benefits, they usually don't do a very good job -- their heart isn't in it.

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