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Saturday, June 4, 2011

And now, something for the grownups

We've had an ironclad rule throughout our adult life: No bumper stickers on the car. But a friend of ours has come up with this one, and she's sent us a copy, and we're sorely tempted like never before:

They're selling them for $5 a pop, and for now you can get more information by e-mailing them here. Our city needs to see this, in as many places as possible. Indeed, our world!

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Another kind of riff on the silly "Keep Portland Weird" slogan that I have seen is a bumper sticker saying:

"Keep Lake Oswego Up Tight"

People outside of Portland are not going to be happy with this bumper sticker. Heck, no one on the outside looking in wants the circus to come to an end. There's not much to do here in the rainy months, except to laugh out loud at whatever Portland is planning to do next.

Too bad the inhabitants of city hall have lost their ability to read anything.

Mr Gibbles,

You have it figured out.

The fact is the running of the circus by current crop of incompetent and dishonest racketeers will only lead to more fiscal travesty and mayhem as long as they dominate policy making.

It's laughable to watch yet another cycle of recylcing and clone making as another election approaches.

There are no signs of anything but worse coming.

This is cleary demonstrated by career liar Charlie Hales brazenly thinking he can become mayor.

With newspapers reporting all of it as if it is all routine and fine it get's more bizzare every day.

The collective trot towards demise by TriMet, Metro, Sam Adams-like politicians and the "journalists" who cover it is a despicable thing to monitor.

Lots of those dimwit hipsters will buy them thinking it to be a prideful sub-declaration of getting over thru unemployment, food stamps and under-the-table scratch jobbing.

Perhaps a variation on that great theme -- yep, great theme! -- make up some orange traffic signs to post outside City Hall and other active big money wormholes: "Grifters at Work"....

$5 seems a little pricey.

But Jack,

Wierd IS working. It is:

Putting lots of money in Sam Randy's buddies pockets.
Increasing congestion
Increasing density
Increasing taxes
Driving out low income people.


"Keep Tigard Normal"

The $5 includes postage and handling, and is meant to cover some startup costs. The price may go down eventually.

City Hall!
Isn't Working

Well I wanted "Re-elect Scam Adams"

I came up with my own version of this, I switched my license plates to Washington plates......

"Keep Tigard Normal"

Well you better get a new Mayor then.

You have a silver haired Adams in Craig
He thinks MAX down 99 will reduced congestion and spur development.

My neighbor across the street has a sticker that says "Keep Portland AWAY FROM ME!"

I think I'll have to get all three, including the "Keep Tigard Normal" sticker.

Hell, I want one of these, especially since every stupid idea Austin's ever had is migrating up here. Now that Dallas City Hall's big plan is to attract our own "creative class", we should be just as screwed as you guys before too long.

I'm all in favor of a "creative class"..
I just wish they would create something useful instead of the dreck we get now...

A guy on the side of the road today had a sign: "Starving Artist Needs Work." I wasn't sure if he was being honest, whiny, or was looking for somebody to commission him to paint something.

No, the sign wasn't the least bit artistic.

And get off my lawn!

Please leave some room for cream, son.

Jack is right. Most members of the creative class don't understand what "lots of room" means. Now I simply ask them for a 16 ounce coffee in a 20 ounce cup. After a few moments of hesitation, I get the perfect pour, and (frequently) just pay the 16 ounce price.

That's the great benefit of pouring your own coffee. You can leave as much room for your cream as you wish.

Keep Potland Wired

"Can't afford it!" the $5 that is. We have cut our expenditures to the bone. We have accelerated paying off all of our long term debt, so we can leave the Portland and the UBG. If we have to pay for private school, higher property taxes, and pot holed roads, while government lets our public infrastructure decay, we can't afford stay here, it is a poor investment, and a poor value - for everybody. It's time to cut our losses and leave.

I saw a similar sticker yesterday that read "MAKE PORTLAND NORMAL."

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