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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wine and cheese with Gatsby has been cancelled

Sen. Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.) showed his true colors yesterday. His right-hand man, Josh Kardon, has taken a gig with a notable Portland law firm, Tonkon Torp, which -- funny thing -- is suddenly getting into the federal lobbying business. Not only is it obvious that Kardon will rake in all sorts of fees getting his long-time ex-boss' ear on behalf of paying customers, but the law firm also made the big mistake of proudly telling the world that it would wheel Wyden in for a reception marking the firm's new practice specialty.

That was too much even for Willy Week, which despite loving all things Wyden plastered the whole story on its website, reception invite and all. Within a few hours, Wyden announced he wouldn't be attending. Apparently that's supposed to take care of all possible ethical issues. But even if you buy that, it was an embarrassing moment for all involved.

Speaking of Wyden, does anybody know if the pending sale of his condo by Washington Park has closed yet? He just voted from that address on May 10. Wonder where he'll "move" to next.

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Criticized for hanging out with lobbyists outside the state, and now criticized for hanging out with lobbyists inside the state. Some days a senator just can't win.

It is nice when WW actually does some reporting. Its gotten to be a rare occassion.

I'm sure someone will offer him the use of a nice condo somewhere in Portland. Plenty of them available.

Isn't there a "revolving door" law that prevents Josh from lobbying his old boss for some token period of time? I remember reading something about that. Maybe that's just at the DoD.

Let us hope the good Senator will be looking at new places to pretend to call home instead of Torping it.

Condo went pending on April 14th. These days it is extremely difficult to close a transaction in 30 days, but it should close soon.

check out the photos of his condo

Does anyone else think that furniture looks like model-home staging stuff? It doesn't look like anyone has ever slept there. I wonder if there is anything in the cabinets or closets...

No conspiracy. He's just scheduled to be at home in New York on that day.

Mister Tee, it sounds suspiciously like this guy left Wyden's staff, and then ran his campaign as a "private consultant" during the no-lobbying period.

That period has now passed, so it's time to dive into the lucrative slime pit!

John: You are correct about there being no indication of anyone living at this address. Kitchen is completely absent of anything that might indicate use; and no soap or shampoo in the bath indictes more of the same.
Unless Senator Combover has a valid lease agreement somewhere in Oregon; it might be worth exploring if he even lives in the state anymore.

I wonder if there is anything in the cabinets or closets...

We went through this on my original post. The internet tour of the place showed it completely unlived-in, except for one closet that had a lot of Wyden's clothes in it. No sign of a wife and kids whatsoever.

"No sign of a wife and kids whatsoever."

You'd need to PhotoShop in some NY scenes. Wonder if his wife has ever been West of Denver?

She still introduces Ron as "my boyfriend from Seattle."

It's not like he's moving to Vancouver; he's living on the opposite side of the country.

I wonder who's job it is to enforce the residency requirement?

If only there were an executive department staffed by lawyers who were empowered to monitor compliance with U.S. Constitution and federal law.

That would be swell.

So warm and cozy! NOT!!!
Only one picture on the wall too....definitely staged, IMO

of COURSE it's staged. That's good real estate marketing. The ONLY piece of furniture that looks not rented is the lazy boy type chair. Every other article, book, side table etc. came right out of the stagers inventory.

That brings up the real question. Didn't he have anything in there but a stuffed chair?

"of COURSE it's staged."

Try not to confuse that with the "NOT-lived-in" look.

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