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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who votes for these people?

Look no further, Pop -- the answer is here.

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"I am not an artist, I AM art."

Keep Portland Broke!

Excuse me while I barf in my wastebasket, as any good native born Portlander should when they read this drivel.

Ugh. Why did you have to bring this to my attention? My fault for clicking on the link.

This is a train wreck, I need to look away, but I can't. Maybe they could add a "Downtown" category and survey some of the "creative class" members near my office building.

Name: Stab
Age: 26
Current Neighborhood: In front of Carl's Jr and the Pioneer Courthouse
Companion: Two male pit bulls
Occupation: Agrressive Panhandler/Road Warrior

Maybe I'll join. As the Joker once famously said in a 1989 Batman movie, "Wait till they get a load of me".

The 'About' says "I Live Here: PDX is a love letter to Portland..."

It's simple, love is blind. Ask any poet or songwriter since time began.

My also be a City funded 'arts' project.

C'mon, who doesn't love a good "Dumpster Diving tour de Portland with a complete stranger at 3am?"

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living in the same city as the mayor and people like this.

"If you could change one thing about Portland, what would it be?

More free coffee and doughnuts on the Hawthorne. Nothing says Portland like riding over a bridge with a bacon maple bar in one hand and a cup of Stumptown in the other."

So that explains the idiosyncratic performances by vehicles of all varieties on the streets of Stumptown?

Sad when so many who invested in this community and paid for the infrastructure may have to leave as they can no longer afford to stay. Now, the new ones can enjoy the fruits of that investment and "their vision" anyway for awhile of what Portland represents to them.

What will they think when they find out so much of this is hypocrisy and that we have serious financial trouble? Do they realize their share of the long term debt is $10,835.67? Will they just pick up and leave to partake of another portrayed "hip" "green" place?

Would like to know how much of our money in PR dollars goes to bring in a population that will vote for the "in" ones?

You've supplied a perfect link. I've tried to explain to others about Portland, but my explantions have been inadequete.

A couple years ago I refered people to a site called Look at this F.....g Hipster.
But that site, that site never really got the whole picture across like your link.

I always be grateful for it.

Inheritance or trust fund

Lithium or Paxil

I'm going to go cry in my (un-ironic macrobrew) beer now.

Caution: Objects on the Internet are smaller than they appear.

The problem with the web is most people still think of it in an old-fashioned way--if something's published, it must be important, or successful, or widespread, or pervasive. Of course, none of this is hardly ever true on the web. Take that site, for example: the average age of a Portlander is just over *35*, and rising. That means that the majority of Portland residents are 40 and older, or approaching it.

Unfortunately, visiting the web and forming opinions about a city is like visiting a video game arcade and assuming everybody plays video games. The truth is, the "hipster" nonsense is like the Kardashian family: wide, but extremely shallow.

"What's your slash?"

Thank god my house sold.

I'd say things will get better as these newbies grow older and wiser; but in doing the latter they probably move away, keeping stump town hopelessly a pipe dream by the next group of newbies floating in.

The latest sign saying "take a load off fannie" and hang for awhile in stump town is this: Half-of-a-bike mounted on street poles goes as Art and a "green" stamp designation on Portland streets. Geez, now that's a real good use of government finances. Sure wouldn't want to blow it on actual nuts and bolt like items like schools and keeping water and sewer rates down. In Stump town grown ups are told by local "leaders": "No Dad I can't use my candy money to buy needed shoes or a calculator. Are you cracked?"

The really need to change this from I LIVE here to I RENT here.

This means they pay no property taxes and probably not much in the way of utilities to their landlord.

You're awesome for taking Shannon!

Don't scoff folks -- Barry Hussein had a similar CV when he was elected President.

Pom Mom

So these hipsters graduated from Columbia, served in the IL legislature & U.S. Senate?

BBQ soy curds?


Appreciating Washington County more and more....

"My also be a City funded 'arts' project."

The domain is owned and maintained by a local real estate agent. I assume she does it to help sell properties.

It's not even "I rent here" instead of "I live here". It's "I'll stay here until I've sufficiently fouled my dinner plate, and then wander off to the next shiny object while leaving everyone else to clean up the mess." (If it helps, Dallas is now becoming overrun with similar pipecleaners with Cory Doctorow birth-control eyeglasses and no prescription lenses. The difference is that they're invariably products of our overly inbred elite, and the city is blowing millions on white-water kayaking sites on the Trinity River and plenty of "creative class" lofts to keep them here, where their parents can keep their latest stunts out of the news. Let them go, and they'd move to Portland in seconds.)

Previously published as the website "Stuff White People Like"

The Portland crowd this appeals to/is made up of are unable to see how clueless they are. In a Gwynneth Paltrow kind of way.

Name: Matt Edlen

How do you pay the rent and what is your slash? Hrumph… I actually create the rent (sorry man)– but its totally not like that...

Jack, I think you misread what this site is. It is the character list for the next season of Portlandia.

SO gaggy. Is this the future?

One word: TOOL.

This is almost as embarrassing as the emergency press conference Sam held this winter to prepare us all for the potential 1-2" snowfall that never materialized.

The house in Irvington is going up for sale in a week or so. Moving to a home on a greenway in the burbs and a winter place in Arizona. I believe Portland has become Frank the new version of Southern California 60 years 70 years later. To paraphrase, it was as if God put his hand on Southern California and pushed. Everything that was loose, the nuts and bolts, rolled downward.

How can this person afford to live in Westmoreland?

TX Triffid Ranch, something else TX has that Portland does not:

"Unfortunately, Texas is known for its tremendous Great Pyrenees rescue problems. TGPR was created to provide an [sic] unified, responsive organization to handle the numerous requests for Great Pyr rescue assistance.

Many of these wonderful animals find themselves homeless through no fault of their own because of their owner's illness, divorce, or just lack of specific breed knowledge/handling.

There are just not enough volunteers to foster and care for the hundreds of dogs a year that have been abandoned; are owner-surrendered; or are found lost and wandering."

Click on Dogs Available Now; there are 42 today, one less than yesterday. Adopt a Great Pyr and keep the varmints at bay. (I don't suppose Portland could trade its temporary denizens for large, white canines in need of stable homes.)

I get the feeling that most the postersin this thread will enjoy the following incredibly hilarious website that tracks the degradation of NYC, especially Brooklyn. Check it:


The eternally young will continue to vote for all kinds of nonsense and hip, fun stuff until they gag on it. When it all seems too expensive or damaged, they will go somewhere else leaving the adults with a big mess to clean up. Sounds like parenthood to me - something else that Portland hipsters don't seem to want to have much to do with. That would create too much competition for attention and for who gets to be the biggest kid on the block.

Gee, if I didn't know better, I'd think that the city was entirely white.

These people are the future of Portland - get used to it and deal with it.

If you don't like it, there's always a move to Arizona or Florida, where old fogeys like us elect a whole different species of wacko politician, ones that, like Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida who should be a convicted corporate felon, or the Arizona state legislators, who apparently think all of our problems could be solved by expelling Mexicans and carrying loaded weapons everywhere, are more dangerous to the future of our republic than free-spending queens and firemen.

Stopped in at Starbucks today. Guy comes in and sees some buddies that ask him what he's been doing since last year's college graduation: "Oh, I've been networking/editing/writing, you know". Love the "slash" analogy.

Several decades ago we'd just say, "Haven't found a job yet". Now they're "Hipsters", before that "Slackers", and before that "Looking for a job".

What I've been lamenting lately is how many of us who are born or longtime Oregonians, Portlanders have politely in the, say past 30 years, have not spoken up about what has happened to our region. And it's not a dem or repub remark. Some of us have spoken, but it has been few. To simplify, we have not demanded common sense. There hasn't been balance. Most want respect for the environment and all that, but you don't impolitely force change that affects the most vulnerable and even the fortunate . Changing cities, regions is a metamorphic process, and that equals Time.

Alienation has set in. What are we going to do about it? Some will leave. Some will give up and still have to stay. Some may change at the demanded pace. And so far many politicians and bureaucrats around here aren't listening, they don't even want to have votes on issues, but they still think they are doing the right thing. Planning idealogies are many times just fads.

Look, I dislike hipsters like most normal people, but I can't help but notice the same people who critique hipsters were wearing bell-bottoms and hanging out at disco clubs when they were younger.

....and next week Portland's media will publish a puff piece about the emperors new clothes...

"I can't help but notice the same people who critique hipsters were wearing bell-bottoms and hanging out at disco clubs when they were younger."

At least they had real jobs instead of hangin' out and trying to get a grant as a really bad artist.

SO pretentious...did these kids all go to private prep schools too? Sure sounds like it! And exactly who does pay their rent? Mark Edlen is a trust fund baby for sure.
Remember the old adage, rags to rags in 3 generations?

After reading a couple of these postings, it stands to reason why Oregon is second in the nation for people on food stamps. (20.1%)

"You're awesome for taking Shannon!"

And Shannons pretty awesome for working on a client with chronic backne and still smiling. What a trooper. Oh Urban Pioneers!

...but I can't help but notice the same people who critique hipsters were wearing bell-bottoms and hanging out at disco clubs when they were younger.

How could you know that those who critique are the same.....?

I know some who are into classical music, no disco club scene for them. Even so, those with bell bottoms and into disco did not attempt to push their ways onto others.

Yes, all were young at a time, and jobs were more available.

I don't recall a "tribe" of hipsters coming into our community and pushing their vision and lobbying to change the city and it's people to their ways...and complaining about the citizens who resist and/or telling them to move if they don't like the "takeover" of their city.

I do suspect that it all fits in with the city agenda, as for some reason, they have a disdain for the citizens as well who did invest here and paid for the community's infrastructure. City propaganda does bring more in for the "takeover" - I suspect it has more to do with the web of power making more money on this and the current hipsters" are being used.

I have to wonder if the city is making things so that people who loved their City of Roses will leave. . . if for no other reason than not accepting to live under the tyranny of city hall and "the favored ones" they do represent!

Will add that I am thinking that new ones coming in fit in well with city plans to build and build more "subsidized" housing projects...or other terms such as "public housing projects"

...but former Mayor Katz and others of her ilk used the word "affordable housing."

Do at all feel comfortable with Nick Fish in charge of housing or any other decisions for that matter...and that actually goes for all the five on council making very troubling decisions.

I clicked on "here" for Jack's post and a "cover girl" popped up. I didn't know that Laura Ingraham moved to SW Portland and changed her name to Rachel Rettman. Maybe Portland is more fair and balanced than we think.


I don't know what you mean by "real jobs." The idea that someone can get a job, let a real one right now is absurd. There are no jobs.

The slacker stereotype of young Portlanders isn't really true imo. It's such a small segment of the population, and one can't assume because someone does not have a job that they are a slacker.

Oops! Do NOT at all feel comfortable with Nick Fish in charge........


I think you meant Ann Coulter.


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